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Party banner of the Einhornselskapet

The Einhornselskapet (Einhorn Society, EHS), formerly known as the Normark Independence Party (until 1679) is a political party active in Normark. It is an umbrella party for various patriotic organizations in Normark, such as the Norse Farmers' Union, and the Association of Fishermen, Anglers, Whalers and other Maritime Workers of Normark. Although its character might appear social democratic, its values are deeply conservative for Normark. However, despite its traditional name, it has since the 1678 Normark status referendum stopped calling for an outright independent Normark, changed its name to the Einhorn Society. Nonetheless, it called for Norse independence following the formation of the Benacian Union in the aftermath of the Second Elwynnese Civil War.

The Party's head (Archon) is the King, and its chief executive officer (Magister) is Prime Minister Arnold Christianssønn Einhorn.

Since the early 1680s, the party took a more humanist stance in politics, which influenced how it saw the Bassarid occupation, the Storish neighbour, and so on. After several decades of near-uninterrupted coalitions of government with the Nationalist & Humanist Party, stretching from the 1650s, the N&H branch in Normark decided to merge with the Einhorn Society in 1686, after both parties were in opposition together for the first time in Norse history. This helped them coordinate the 1689 Normark coup d'état. As such, Einhornselskapet is considered a party of the world-wide humanist movement. Despite that, it has a unique perspective on things rooted in Norse culture and history.

In 1706 AN, the 18th Vanguard Division was raised to provide the Einhornselskapet with a militia and supporting paramilitary organisation capable of defending the party's political interests.

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