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Purported to be an image of Knotaric. The date and provenance of original photo from which the likeness was taken is unknown.

Knotaric (Aric, son of Alaric; 1657–1720), was a renegade scion of the House of Einhorn. Perished on the final day of the Siege of Dalen.

Posthumously expelled from the Order of the Holy Lakes by the Senate on 5.IX.1730 for treason and having waged war against the Order.


Born into the Green of northern Keltia to a woman of Nova English stock who was kept by Alaric, the leader of a small Norse warband.

Seduced into the ways of the Stripping Path, Aric gave himself over to the worship of the chthonic deities and was received into the priesthood of Dionysus accordingly. By falling in with the spiritual and race enemies of all Normarkers, Aric suffered discommendation from his clan, his life and the lives of his children being forfeit to whomsoever places them under the judgement of the knife. As a mark of his shame he has been known as "Knotaric" ever after.

By 1706 AN Knotaric and his minions were known to have established a stronghold in Fanghorn, from where the Harpy worshipping cultists of the Stripping Path were able to menace traders from Normark as they ventured southwards into the Green to ply their commerce with the tribal and ungoverned communities of the interior.

In the end he would prove to be so successful at repelling efforts by the Einhorns and Normark to bring him to heel that he claimed to scarcely notice their attempts at all. Indeed his most infamous exploits would eventually come during the Siege of Dalen (1717– ) where he surreptitiously introduced himself into the resistance mounted against the efforts of Normark to liberate Jangsong.


Knotaric had three children, all born in the early years of his exile. His firstborn son, named Eirikr, was born in 1708 AN. Eirikr became a devout follower of the Stripping Path, much like his father. Eirikr became widely known amongst the Green Einhorns for his unmatched archery skills, even from an early age, and was often tasked with guarding the outskirts of his father's stronghold.

Knotaric's second child, a daughter named Freya, was born in 1710 AN. She was said to be destined to become a cunning and charismatic leader among the Harpy worshipping cultists in Fanghorn.

Knotaric's youngest child, a son named Ragnar, was born in 1712 AN.

Despite their father's discommendation from their clan, Knotaric loved his children deeply and did everything in his power to protect them from harm. They remained loyal to him until the end, fighting alongside him during the Siege of Dalen and beyond.