Jacobus Kahunamea Loki

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Jacobus Kahunamea Loki
"Kaiser Loki II", "Kaiser Loki III", "Kaiser Loki IV"
Former Kaiser of Shireroth

  • antikaiser for a few months in 1537
  • antikaiser for a few months in 1541
  • first reign 1544
  • second reign 1584

  • first reign 1547
  • second reign 1584–1587



Imperial Bloodline Grifos
Comment Antikaiser Loki II (in the years 1537 and 1541); historians believe that both legitimate reigns of Loki III/IV ought to be known as Kaiser Loki II, but others disagree, saying that would legitimize his antikaiserships, while a third group believes that referring to Loki as III or IV actually legitimizes his antikaiserships.
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Cyberian
Biographical information
Father Jacobus Kahunamea
Mother A Lady of the Line of Grifos
Issue Raynor Jacobus Loki
A daughter
Date of birth 1515
Place of birth Lac Glacei
Date of death Unknown
Place of death Unkown

Jacobus Kahunamea Loki (born 1515 in Lac Glacei, died ?) was a Shirerithian kaiser (1544–1547, 1584–1587) and twice antikaiser (1537, 1541). Reigned as kaiser twice, with the claimed names of Kaiser Loki III (1544–1547) and Kaiser Loki IV (1584–1587). Antikaiser (as Kaiser Loki II) in opposition to Kaiser Hasan I in 1537 and in opposition to Kaiser Ayreon in 1541. Briefly Duke of Elwynn in 1551. Senator of Elwynn 1573–1600. Steward of Shireroth 1535–1541. Declared himself Prince of Elwynn in 1597 and insituted a new pro-Shireroth government in Elwynn that caused Elwynn to reunite with Shireroth and nationalize a number of private businesses. His tenure as prince was declared ex post facto illegal due to the electoral irregularities.

A member of the Jacobus family, he was the son of Jacobus Kahunamea and the father of Raynor Jacobus Loki.

Preceded by:
Oroigawa Koreyasu
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Reynardine I
Preceded by:
Iskander Mirkdale
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Rai Avon-El
Preceded by:
Reynardine II
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Hasan II
Preceded by:
Elijah Ayreon
Prince of Elwynn (de facto)
Succeeded by
Soreaa Isurui as Secretary of State