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Nation: Natopia
Population: 1,230,879
Predominant language: Natspeak

Main roads: Lindstrom Boulevard, Davis Street, Tapfer Street
Major districts: Old Town, Aequitine Hill, Embassy Row

Current mayor: Nathan II Grand Mayor
Ernesto de la Cruz City Manager
Lindstrom Streetplan 6.png
Map versions: 6.7.7 - pres.

Lindström, also known as Lindström City, and officially as the Free and Imperial City of Lindström, is the capital of Natopia.

History of the City

Coat of Arms of the City

Originally founded by Nett Opaegh in 1471 AN, it was called Nett Opaegh's Awe by the indigenous Mehl of southwest Yellow Island, and soon was known as Natopia or Natopia City.

The city was renamed for the Storish political theorist, Gustav Lindstrom, who was exiled for suggesting instant regicide as a political check against the Storish king. Lindstrom arrived in Natopia City seeking asylum during the early reforms of Nathan Waffel-Paine who incorporated Lindstrom's ideas into Natopia's first government. As thanks for Lindstrom's early support for the new country, the capital was renamed in his honor.

Lindstrom is one of the three oldest cities in Natopia along with Andiopolis and Vice City. It has always been the capital but has been included in many different subdivisions. First the capital was inside the Region of Shepard, a semi-autonomous region of the Supreme Sovereign Republic of Natopia. Then it was dissociated from the Regions into an independent capital territory called the Principality of Natopia, later renamed as the Vicinage of Shepard and finally the District of Shepard. Lindstrom City was absorbed into the newly created Royal Barony of Ziegeland, which would annex Lochhatonia to become the United Principality of Ziegeland-Lochhatonia. The principality eventually dissolved itself. Lindstrom City then found itself in the County of Pavleton. A few months later Ziegeland was re-founded and absorbed Pavleton to become the seat of government yet again.

Lindström is currently its own administrative division, separate from all other demesnes and territories of Natopia. It is governed directly by the Imperial Government, with the Chancellor serving as de facto city manager and the Frenzy as de facto city council. The island of Ptia, which is administered directly by Empire Library, could be considered as part of the city as well.

Due to the long history of Lindström as a royal city under the rule of the Waffel-Paine family, the House of Waffel-Paine claims the title Grand Mayor of Lindstrom City as an ancestral title that is granted to the current Emperor. The title is purely ceremonial and carries no legal power over the city.

Notable Sites by Neighborhood

Lindstrom's skyline as seen from Vista de Nada looking east
Downtown neighborhoods according to the Lindstrom CVB.

As a city over 200 years old, Lindstrom has grown from the "city core" in the Old Town and Palace District. The city center has expanded to newer neighborhoods like the Northerdant area with the city college and sports arena attracting a young crowd, the Bay Street District with upscale fine dining, and Linharpen (Lindstrom Harbor Peninsula) which hosts the campus of Gustav Lindstrom University.