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Commomnwealth of Vyktory
Flag of Vyktory
Coat of Arms of Vyktory
Coat of Arms
Motto: Latin: Libertas est victoria.
English: Freedom is victory.
Location of Vyktory
Map versions 15.4.6 —
Capital Jamestown (Vyktory)
Largest city Jamestown, Harrisville, Stamford, Georgetown
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s)
Demonym Vyktoryan
 - Adjective Vyktoryan
Government Federal parliamentary democratic monarchy
 - King James I of Vyktory
 - Prime Minister Megan Porter
 - Legislature House of Representatives
Establishment 6 July 2014 (3 BVE)
Area N/A (OOC)
29,603 km2 (IC)
Population 4 (OOC)
3,131,000 (IC)
Active population 2
Currency Dollar ($)
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum [1]
National animal Lion
National food Chicken Schnitzel
National drink Orange Juice
National tree Pine
Abbreviation VYK

The Commonwealth of Vyktory is a constitutional monarchy located on a antarctic Micrasian island, the former site of the Alexandrian territory of Galatia. The nation, minus its dependencies, is home to around 3.1 million people. The four main states consist of Stamford in the southwest, Georgetown in the northwest, Harrisville in the southeast and the capital of Jamestown in the northeast, while North and South Mancunia are both located in the nation's south.

The nation ceased to exist as an independent entity in 2019 and has not been on Micras in any form since 2020, though a successor nation has considered taking the land back.


Vyktory's population is mostly white, with a smattering of other ethnicities also present. Regardless of this, Vyktoryans are among the most multicultural people on the planet, as well as most respectful and other assorted awards. Despite this, the nation is not completely free of such negativity, but that is to be expected. Vyktory is based mostly on a mixture between the Earth nations of the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia. Most of its people are within the 19-35 age demographic, with the male/female ratio almost 1:1.


The Monarch of Vyktory is a position that is inherited by whomever the previous monarch chooses, with the first and current Monarch being King James I of Vyktory. The Monarch is regarded as the final word in all laws, after the Prime Minister and the 310-member Vyktoryan Parliament. Vyktory maintains diplomatic relations with the nations of Shireroth, Natopia, Hoenn and Craitland. Vyktory is also planning to open relations with more nations, with Caputia and Mercury being key nations to open dialogue with.


Vyktory is known for its large sporting pedigree, with the nation being home to the Micras Cricket Federation headquarters and the current King being the Vice President of the FMFF (aka, the Women's FMF) as well as Junior Member of the FMF. The Vyktoryan football team is regarded as one of the rising powers of the CTFA while its cricket team is also rising up the ranks.