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Logo of the MCF
Founded 2014
President Victoria Freddie Peterson

The MCF (Micras Cricket Federation) is the cricket division of the FMS, and the governing body for the sport on the planet of Micras.


The first Micrasian governing body of cricket was founded in August 2011 as the Micras Cricket Council but soon fell into dormancy. In 2014, the Micras Cricket Federation was founded to replace the existing organisation. It was again re-branded by President Nexxus Drako in January 2018 to Micras International Cricket, before reverting back to the MCF name following Nexxus later leaving the position of President.

Affiliated nations

Main article: MCF member nations


The MCF is responsible for the organisation of the following tournaments, all of which are interlinked with the awarding of medals in the Micras Games structure:

Former competitions

These tournaments were held on Micras, both under MCF auspices and not, but are no longer organised: