Micras Gridiron Football Federation

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Micras Gridiron Football Federation
Founded 2018
Membership 14 nations
President Mercury Joe Foxon

The Micras Gridiron Football Federation (MGFF) is the gridiron football division of the FMS and the governing body for the sport on the planet of Micras. The organisation is responsible for organising and overseeing Test matches and series.


Affiliated nations

Main article: MGFF member nations

There are currently four Test-playing nations in the MGFF, and another ten affiliated nations that play occasional matches and enter competitions such as the Micras Games.

Affiliated competitions


Current committee

Position Name Years
Executive officers
President Mercury Joe Foxon 2018–
Vice-Presidents Florian Republic Edwin Lee 2018–
Vacant 2020–

Former committee members

Position Name Years
Vice-President Nijima Maɂyama Kwamna 2018–2020