Micras Futsal Grand Prix

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Micras Futsal Grand Prix
Founded 2013
President Krasnovlac Clovis Yio

The Micras Futsal Grand Prix is the futsal division of the FMS, and the governing body for the sport on the planet of Micras. The MFGP is responsible for the organisation of a number of international national and club competitions, the most notable of which is the namesake Micras Futsal Grand Prix. The MFGP also organises the MFGP Beach Soccer World Cup.


The Micras Futsal Federation was founded in January 2013 for the organisation of the first ever World Cup, held in North Antarctica. In 2017, after the foundation of the Micras Floorball Federation, the organisation was renamed to the Micras Futsal Grand Prix.

Affiliated nations

Main article: MFGP member nations

Currently, there are 17 MFGP member nations. Membership is acquired by participating in an international competition or by successfully applying for membership.

Grand Prix competition

The Micras Futsal Grand Prix is a series of international futsal competitions, culminating in the MFGP World Series, with the top 8 nations qualifying. Grand Prix points are awarded based on performance in each of the competitions.