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The logo of the FMS; depicting two discus throwers superimposed on maps of Micras.

The FMS (Fédération Micraise de Sport) is the umbrella organisation which acts as the governing body for all sports on planet Micras. The FMS has no specified administrative structure; its executive membership is shared amongst the heads of its separate sporting subdivisions.

The only competition directly organised by the FMS is the Micras Games.


The FMS is split into numerous subdivisions which formally oversee individual sports, or collectives of similar sports, and are permitted their own reign on internal structuring and organised competitions. The oldest FMS subdivision is the FMF, the foundation of which in October 2006 coincided with the creation of the FMS as a whole.

Subdivision Sport President
Fédération Micraise de Football Football pictogram.png Association football Craitman H. Pellegrino
Fédération Micraise de Football Féminin Football pictogram.png Women's association football Joe Foxon
Fédération Micraise de Rugby League Rugby league pictogram.png Rugby league Joe Foxon
Handball Federation of Micras Handball pictogram.png Handball Alperen Arslan
Micras Cricket Federation Cricket pictogram.png Cricket Freddie Peterson
Micras Federation of Motorsport Motorsport pictogram.png Motorsport Luca Zarrella
Micras Futsal Grand Prix Futsal pictogram.png Futsal Clovis Yio
Micras Hockey League Ice hockey pictogram.png Ice hockey Joe Foxon
Dormant organisations[A]
Fédération Micraise de Tennis Tennis pictogram.png Tennis Vacant
Fédération Micraise de Weightlifting Weightlifting pictogram.png Weightlifting Vacant
Micras Athletics Federation Athletics pictogram.png Athletics Vacant
Micras Baseball and Softball Federation Baseball pictogram.png Baseball Softball pictogram.png Softball Vacant
Micras Basketball Federation Basketball pictogram.png Basketball Vacant
Micras Chess Federation Chess pictogram.png Chess Thomás Gruffudd
Micras Cue Sports Federation Cue sports pictogram.png Cue sports Joe Foxon
Micras Floorball Federation Floorball pictogram.png Floorball Jakub Baran
Micras Gridiron Football Federation Amorian football pictogram.png Amorian football Joe Foxon
Micras Rugby Union Rugby union pictogram.png Rugby union Tobyas Bale
  1. ^ A Organisations which have had no active international competition since the end of 2021.

Many sports, even those contested in the Micras Games, do not have any official organising bodies within the FMS, while some sports restricted to certain locales — such as brosatamış, footby and ólbescból — are generally seen to come under the auspices of individual national organisations.