Fédération Micraise de Weightlifting

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Fédération Micraise de Weightlifting
Logo of the Fédération Micraise de Weightlifting
Founded 2018
President Vacant

The FMW (Fédération Micraise de Weightlifting) is the Olympic weightlifting division of the FMS, and the governing body for the sport on the planet of Micras. The FMW is responsible for the organisation of the Micras Weightlifting Championships.


The FMW was founded in late 2018 by Deniz Yürük as a necessity to include Olympic weightlifting in Micras after it not being present at the first edition of the Micras Games. For the organization's name,the standard "Fédération Micraise de" was used to keep the "tradition" of the FMS while leaving "Weightlifting" in english.

Weight classes

The FMW approved the current weight categories:

Men's weight classes:

  • 82.5kg
  • 90kg
  • 100kg
  • 100kg and over

Women's weight classes:

  • 67.5kg
  • 75kg
  • 82.5kg
  • 82.5kg and over


Affiliated nations