Micras Federation of Motorsport

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Logo of the Micras Federation of Motorsport
Founded 2022
President Luca Zarrella

The MFM (Micras Federation of Motorsport) is the motorsport division of the FMS, and the governing body for the sport on the planet of Micras. The MFM is responsible for the organisation of a number of international competitions, which include the highest two- and four-wheel sports competitions.

As it stands, the most important competition organized by the MFM is the Formula Micras World Championship.


The Micras Federation of Motorsport was created in May 2022, on the initiative of the Vegnese Federation, which decided to extend its horizons beyond national borders to organize international competitions related to motorsport and supersede the dormant Micronational Motorsports League.

A number of nations on Micras immediately expressed interest in joining the federation and participating in future motorsport competitions.

Affiliated nations


Four-wheeled competitions

Two-wheeled competitions


The MFM decisional organ constists of a President (actually Luca Zarrella), a vice-president (yet to be decided), nomined by the President, and the members made of representatives of the nations who holds a team or a constructor in one of the competition under the jurisdition of MFM.

Position Name Nation Represented Years
Executive officers
President Luca Zarrella 2022-
Vice-President TBD 2022-
Member Benacian Union Benacian Union 2022-
Member Calbion Calbion 2022-
Member Craitland Craitland 2022-
Member Floria Floria 2022-
Member Krasnovlac Krasnovlac 2022-
Member Mercury Mercury 2022-
Member Mondosphere Mondosphere 2022-
Member Senya Senya 2022-
Member Tellia Tellia 2022-
Member Cirillo Fontana Vegno Vegno 2022-