Territory of Lamantia

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Flag of Lamantia

Subdivision type: Autonomous Territory
Capital: Colgrad
Population: 2,017,330
Largest Cities: Colgrad, Hampton, Space City, Redditch

Local Leadership Title: Governor
Local Government: Lamantian Parliament
Current leader: General Michael Scott

Local language: English (official), Senyan (official), German (local)
Local Religion: None

The Territory of Lamantia is a dependency of Senya located in Apollonia.


Following the demise of Patrova, The area was used only by local residents, and the town fell into futher disrepair. In November 2012, Senya annexed the area to create a military district, offering help reconstructing the area.

Over the years, Fort Kolgrad was expanded out into more of a residential area, and was rebranded as a tourist destination with the addition of more beach towns and the winter city of Bergdorf. In 2017, the territory was re-named Lamantia following the annexation of the Eastern Lamantian Coast and Senyan Arboria.


Map of Fort Kolgrad from 2017 prior to expansion and renaming, showing the 12 districts and main towns.

The territory is divided into 14 regions.

Name Type Civlian
Bergdorf Corridor Residential 53,942 Bergdorf
Eastern Lamantian Coast Residential 857,933 Lamantia
Fort Kolgrad Animal Reserve Park 0 none
Hampton District Residential 186,533 Hampton
Lamnstadt District Residential 34,774 Lamnstadt
Military District Military District 0 Södenkamp
Old Fort Kolgrad Residential 206,703 Colgrad
Redditch District Residential 144,836 Redditch
Regensburg District Residential 96,352 Regensberg
Senyan Arboria Residential 185,719 Augustusgrad
Tarsican Region Residential 163,842 Space City
The Fort Military District 0 Fort Kolgrad
Tsännerlauger National Park Park 25,187 Tsännerlauger
Tzult District Residential 61,509 Tzult


King's Lynn Town FC play their home games at The Walks.

The most popular sport in Fort Kolgrad is football, with the local organising body being the Fort Kolgrad Fußball-Bund. It organises the Fort Kolgrad national football team, which competes internationally in the AEFA. Fort Kolgrad qualified for their first major tournament when they reached the 2016 Copa Apollonia. Domestically, clubs play in the Kolgradliga, with the top clubs earning promotion to the Senyan League. King's Lynn Town are the most successful club in Fort Kolgrad, as they play in the top division of Senyan football, with AFC Colgrad and Nordkamp FC also participating in the Senyan League. Fort Kolgrad's clubs also annually compete in the FKFB-Pokal.


The main industry in Fort Kolgrad is the tourism industry. Many tourists, primarily from Senya, but also from surrounding nations such as Gerenia and the Natopian protectorate of Arboria. Fort Kolgrad's location, on the shores of Fort Kolgrad, allows for summer beach holidays as well as watersports, with the old towns providing a more relaxed destinations, with plenty of cafes and bars, whilst also being on the mountains of Central Apollonia, allowing for winter sports and hiking.

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