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Neridia Defense Industries

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Neridia Defense Industries
Type Conglomerate
Industry Advanced Technologies,
Information Security,
Founded 1659 AN
Headquarters Triegon, Natopia

Neridia Defense Industries (NDI) is a Natopian multinational conglomerate based in Triegon, New Alexandria, Natopia. The NDI is one of the largest defense manufacturers in the Raspur Pact, integrated as a critical supplier of munitions into the Allied Production Matrix. The company also researches, develops, and manufactures advanced technology products in the aerospace and defense industry for Natopia, Ransenar, and Alduria-Wechua. This has traditionally included aircraft engines, avionics, aerostructures, and cybersecurity. The company is a large military contractor, getting a significant portion of its revenue from its contracts with Natopia and Alduria-Wechua.

The company was founded in 1659 AN by the House of Eadric and a group of Alexandrian and Natopian investors. The company is the result of several mergers and acquisitions of smaller defense contractors and suppliers in an attempt to vertically integrate as much of the supply chain and manufacturing under the same company. The company's CEO is Alphonse Saint-Germain, in the position since the inception of the company in 1659 AN.

The company has five subsidiaries: Armaments of Natopia, Redquill Industries, Eadricton Intelligence & Space, BioNAT, and Triegon Ballistics.

Business units

  • Armaments of Natopia: Manufacturing of weapons and ammunition, military logistics, defense consulting.
  • Redquill Industries: Designs and manufactures aerospace systems for commercial, regional, corporate, and military aircraft. Provides industrial products for the hydrocarbon, chemical, and food processing industries.
  • Eadricton Intelligence & Space: Specializes in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. Special division for space has designed, developed, produced, and serviced high technology systems for surveillance, verification, and navigation for the Natopian Spacefleet. Develops electronics programs and systems for business, industrial, and non-defense government programs and agencies in the Raspur Pact.
  • BioNAT: Specializes in medical research and development of battlefield medicine, medical consulting.
  • Triegon Ballistics


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