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Triegon is the largest city in the demesne of Dos Gardenias within Natopia. With a population approximating 2,102,650 residents (1728 AN), Triegon was originally founded as an Alexandrian port colony in northern Tapfer in 1531 AN. Triegon grew to be one of the most important and largest ports for Alexandria, developing a long, storied naval industry in the city, along with a long naval tradition. Triegon is also known for being the "heart" of the Alexandrian diaspora after Alexandria collapsed due to the flu pandemic of 1651 AN. The city was seized by Natopia soon after, as Natopia sought to consolidate its hold on Tapfer. Under Natopian rule, the city has flourished as a major cultural, economic, and political powerhouse within the Natopian Nation. The city is also known for being home to one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in Micras, the Imperial University of Alexandria.

Port of Triegon

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