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Natopian Security Forces

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The Natopian Security Forces are responsible for internal security, homeland defense, and support. Part of the Imperial Chancellery of Natopia.

Having become largely moribund by the turn of the 18th century after Norton, the NSF was reorganised in 1716 AN to serve as an operational reserve for the Natopian Defense Force and aid to the civil power in the Demesnial governments of Eastern Natopia, performing a similar function to the Western Natopian Demesnial Forces.


The NSF, constituted under the Caprine Code, was organised in accordance with Executive Order Three, issued by the Minister of Security and dated 22 Regnuary 1657 AN. The force establishment of the NSF, at that time, was set at 61,200 personnel grouped into 50 regiments of motorised infantry and 1 aviation support regiment. During the War of Lost Brothers this force was organised into ten divisions for the purpose of supporting the defence of Normark against Bassarid incursions. As of 1716 AN the NSF consists of the Command Regime, which provides enforcement services for the subordinate agencies of the Ministry of Security, and Tapfer Command, which would have responsibility for territorial security operations in Eastern Natopia.

Command Regime

  • NSF Command Regime
    • 11th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • Bureau of Transportation Enforcement Service
    • Bureau of Assurance Enforcement Service
    • Citizenship Office Enforcement Service
    • Department of District Security and Transportation Enforcement Service (Universalis)
    • Department of Drug Research and Distribution Enforcement Service (Universalis)
    • Universalis Grains Agricultural Plan Enforcement Service
    • Command Regime Commissariat
    • Command Regime Inspectorate

Tapfer Command

  • NSF Tapfer Command
    • 1st NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • I Corps of Observation (Kingdom of Ziegeland)
      • 4th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • II Corps of Observation (Rājatba of Tas Neemia)
      • 5th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • III Corps of Observation (Dominion of Nova Alrodria)
      • 6th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • IV Corps of Observation (Archduchy of Hazelwood)
      • 7th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • V Corps of Observation (Principality of Sororiya)
      • 2nd NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • VI Corps of Observation (Technocracy of Universalis)
      • 3rd NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • VII Corps of Observation (State of Northern Klaasiya)
      • 8th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • VIII Corps of Observation (State of Egale)
      • 9th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • IX (State of New Dracoheim)
      • 10th NSF Command and Control Regiment
    • Tapfer Command Commissariat Corps
    • Tapfer Command Inspectorate Corps

Corps of Observation

A Corps of Observation is a formation within the NSF commanded by a senior officer, with the rank of Brigadier, Major-General, or at largest a Lieutenant-General. These formations are separate units, assigned to a demesne within Eastern Natopia, which are subordinate to NSF Tapfer Command. In peacetime these formations are independent of the command structures of the Natopian Defense Force and are instead directed by the Ministry of Security to render aid to the civil power in the demesnial territories and to enforce the will of the Imperial Chancellery if ever the local elites should stray in their loyalty. These corps are however intended in wartime to screen against the approach of any hostile force attempting to descend upon Natopian territory.

Defunct Commands

  • Former Commands
    • Apollonia Command
      • CCR-AC.png
    • Benacia Command
      • CCR-BC.png
    • Cibola Command
      • CCR-CC.png
    • Keltia Command
      • CCR-KC.png