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Imperial Court of Natopia

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The Imperial Court of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation is a constitutionally-defined organ of the Natopian Imperial Government. It is often compared in its powers and responsibilities to the Imperial Chancellery of Natopia. The exact nature and composition of the Imperial Court can have a wide variety of interpretations based on the ambiguity of terminology in the Caprine Code. However, in the strictest and narrowest interpretation, the Imperial Court consists of the Emperor, the Regent, and the Secretaries of the three Courts. Together with the Imperial Chancellery of Natopia it forms the ad hoc Imperial Council of Natopia.

Court of the Calm Waters

Court of the Calm Waters

The Court of the Calm Waters is legally an extension of the Imperial Court. It serves as the office for His Most Bovic Majesty's Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Chamberlain of the Court of the Calm Waters. The Secretary is appointed by the Emperor and is responsible for carrying out Natopia's foreign policy, advising the Emperor on diplomacy, serving as chief diplomat, and acting as de facto ambassador to other nations.

Court of the Verdant Gardens

Court of the Verdant Gardens

The Court of the Verdant Gardens is also an extension of the Imperial Court. It serves as the office for His Most Bovic Majesty's Secretary for Defense and Chamberlain of the Court of the Verdant Gardens. The Secretary is appointed by the Emperor and is responsible for providing for the Empire's defense, administering the Natopian Defense Force advising the Emperor as commander-in-chief. The CVG is also charged with maintaining Natopian state icons under Chapter VI, Section 2 of the Caprine Code which includes the Heraldic Achievement of Natopia, Coat of Arms of Natopia, and all affiliated emblems and imagery associated with it. The Court of the Verdant Gardens also creates and maintains the emblems attributed to each award and order listed in under Chapter X in the Caprine Code.

Court of the Noble Fountain

Court of the Noble Fountain

Previously--and sometimes still referred to as--the Natopian Supreme Court. It serves as the office for His Most Bovic Majesty's Secretary for Legal Affairs and Chamberlain of the Court of the Noble Fountain.Consists of the Emperor as presiding officer, the Secretary for Legal Affairs as main judicial advisor, and at least one associate advisor. Together, the members of the court interpret Imperial and demesne law.

The Court's Imperial and Royal Tradition

The Imperial Court is the center of Natopia's imperial traditions. The Emperor is given the power to regulate the Court and serve as head of state. Through the Imperial Court, the Emperor guides Natopian culture, society, foreign policy, and commands the military. The Emperor is expected to build on, clarify, and solidify the concept of a central, unifying figure. The exact legal extent of the Emperor's power has been challenged, and his rule is not absolute. The Natopian tradition of monarchy has been on a slow, but steady, process of liberalization and benevolence and it is often compared favorably to the early forms of Natopian republicanism which resulted in totalitarian states or total societal collapse. Natopians have come to embrace their monarchs, but are always wary of overzealous leaders becoming too powerful. It is the Emperor's moral responsibility to continue to make the monarchy a positive element in Natopian society, and never a burden upon the people.

Court Uniforms

Court Uniforms of Natopia

Emperor Naian reestablished and codified the practice of formal dress guidelines for Natopian officials to wear when attending Imperial Court functions. A five tier system of guidelines and uniform patterns were provided for the Emperor (first tier), the Chancellor, Chief Justice, Regent (second tier), demesne leaders (third tier), Secretaries, Ministers, Associate Justices (fourth tier), Frenzy Representatives, and Ambassadors (fifth tier). Members of the military would wear their Defense Force uniforms.

In 1685, Emperor Nathan II authorized the update of the Court Uniforms, replacing gray with white. Dress shoes were replaced with mid-calf, lace-up leather boots. The option to wear a skirt, kilt, or dress instead of trousers is available to anyone. Alternations can be made to add sleeves if the need arises.

The Court's Composition

Simplified coat of arms used by the Imperial Court

In a broader sense, the Imperial Court can be used to refer to the personal court and appointees of the reigning Emperor. The Imperial Consort, the heir-designate to the Caprine Throne, ambassadors, members of the military, and their supporting staff, have been considered members of the Imperial Court, and thus must follow lawful directives and decrees of the Emperor. The size of the Imperial Court is largely dependent on the personality, wishes, and preferences of the reigning Emperor or Empress.

Members' Obligations to the Imperial Court

The extent that listed successors given the title of Prince/Princess of Natopia are in the Imperial Court is a matter of legal debate. It is assumed that a Prince or Princess of Natopia would be a full member of the Imperial Court if they have no other positions that would constitute a conflict of interest. For instance, the Kaiser of Shireroth is presently a Prince of Natopia, but it is not expected that the rules and regulations of the Natopian Imperial Court could be enforced. Also, for a time the Chancellor of Natopia was also a Prince of Natopia, but the Natopian Caprine Code defines a clear separation of powers between the Emperor and Chancellor, so the Chancellor could not fulfill obligations to the Imperial court that conflicted with his or her duties to the Chancellery or Frenzy.

The Imperial Court of Emperor Nathan II

  • Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Chamberlain of the Court of the Calm Waters, Her Excellency, Dr. Mishti Lohani* (Flaventia)
    • Delegate to the Micras Treaty Organization, The Honorable, Mr. Marco Lungo* (Dos Gardenias)
    • Plenipotentiary to the Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact, The Honorable, Baroness Ursula Brandt* (Flaventia)
  • Secretary for Defense, Chamberlain of the Court of the Verdant Gardens, His Excellency, Adm. Pierre Francois*, Ret. (Arboria)
    • Representative to the Joint Military Command, The Honorable, Gen. Rolf Devold*, Ret. (Lindstrom)
    • Chief Herald of Natopia, The Honorable, Claire De Fond* (Flaventia)
  • Secretary for Legal Affairs, Chamberlain of the Court of the Noble Fountain, Her Excellency, Princess Li Naomiai (Mar Sara Asara)
    • Legal Advisors: The Honorable, Ryker Everstone (West Tapfer), The Honorable, Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra (West Tapfer)
  • Captain of the Satyric Guard: The Honorable, Mr. Alexandros Epsilon* (Athlon)
  • Regent of the Bovic Empire: His Highness, Prince Janus Eadric (Dos Gardenias)

*NPCs created to flesh out the court

Achievement of Emperor Nathan II
Role Holder Tenure
Regent Ernesto de la Cruz 1668-pres.
Naya Angus-Moonoak 1660-1668*
Vidar Ayreon-Kalirion 1651-1660
Christo Eucalyptos 1648-1654
Secretary for Foreign Affairs Peder Eikegaard 1660–1678.
Thorstein Noah 1651-1660
Secretary for Defense Marco Lungo 1668–pres.
Isabella Kalirion 1654–1668
Marco Lungo 1651–1654
Imperial Consort None
Princes and Princesses Clara Waffel-Paine, Heir-Designate 1668–pres.
Naya Angus-Moonoak 1660–1668*.
Vidar Ayreon-Kalirion 1648–1671*
Thorstein Noah 1648–1668
Benjamin Meir 1648–1668*
Isabella Kalirion 1648–pres.
Secretary for Legal Affairs Li Naomiai 1666-pres.
Ryker Everstone, Legal Advisor 1666-pres.
Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra, Legal Advisor 1666-pres.
Ivo Angus, as Chief Justice 1624-1666
Thorstein Noah, as Associate Justice 1631-1666
Áþamé Issèla Mari Vāstra, as Associate Justice 1660-1666
Kurai Darkmoon, as Associate Justice 1633-1660
Lord Chamberlain Thorstein Noah 1660-1668

(*)Died while holding title/office.

The Imperial Court of Emperor Zakyyr

The Full Achievement of Emperor Zakyrr
Role Holder Tenure
Regent Christo Eucalyptos 1648-1654
Secretary for Foreign Affairs King Noah 1651-pres.
Janus Eadric 1646–1651
Secretary for Defense Marco Lungo 1651–1654
Kyle Kilynn 1648–1650
Isabella Kalirion 1638–1648
Imperial Consort Li Naomiai 1647-1653
Princes and Princesses Nathan II, Heir-Designate 1648-1653
Vidar Ayreon-Kalirion 1648-pres.
Thorstein Noah 1648-pres.
Benjamin Meir 1648-pres.
Isabella Kalirion 1648-pres.
Supreme Court Ivo Angus, Chief Justice 1624-pres.
Thorstein Noah, Associate Justice 1631-pres.
Kurai Darkmoon, Associate Justice 1633-pres.