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Administrative divisions of Natopia

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The administrative divisions of Natopia, are the institutional and territorial organizational units of the territory that forms the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation.

Natopia is composed of 24 demesnes (akin to state or province) with six of them (Lindstrom, Athlon, Baudrix, Geneva, Naya Island, and Ptia) having special statuses or arrangements accorded by the Constitution of Natopia and the Caprine Code.



The 23 demesnes of the Empire are:

Special demesnes

  • Lindstrom
  • Geneva
  • Baudrix
  • Athlon
  • Ptia
  • Naya Island


Main article: Demesnes
Eastern Natopia
Demesne Flag Coat of Arms Map Population Capital 3 Largest Cities Viceroy Head of Demesnial Government Demesnial Legislature Seats in the Frenzy
Ziegeland Ziegeland flag.png 2017ZiegelandCoA.png Ziegeland map.png 110,771,595 (1727 AN) Anmutstadt Queen of Ziegeland Vadoma I Chancellor of Ziegeland Martin Eliopoulos (FJBP) Kuhrat of Ziegeland XXX
Tas Neemia Tas Neemia flag.png 2017TasNeemiaCoA.png TN map 2022.png 93,986,449 (1727 AN) Tassity Rani of Tas Neemia Salome Prime Minister of Tas Neemia Aarav Vidyadhar (FJBP) Guardian Council of Tas Neemia XXX
Nova Alrodria Flag of Nova Alrodria.png Nova alrodria CoA.png AL map 2022.png 4,854,511 (1727 AN) Azingrad Lord of Nova Alrodia Owen Moonak First Minister of Nova Alrodia Gisele Baudelaire (FJBP) People's Assembly of Nova Alrodia XXX
Hazelwood Hazelcity.png Lesser hazel.png Hazelwood map.png 38,266,743 (1727 AN) Hazelwood City Chief of Hazelwood Clara Sundara Chancellor of Hazelwood Christos Beauchamps (UDM) Mykorza of the Great Woods XXX
Lindstrom 2017LindstromCityCoA.png LIndstrom1727AN.png 13,981,098 (1727 AN) Lindstrom Grand Mayor of Lindstrom City Vadoma I Lindstrom City Director George Boukolos (FJBP) City Council of the Imperial City of Lindstrom XXX
Sororiya Sororiya flag.png Sororiya arms.png SO map 2022.png 32,095,599 (1727 AN) Bagelston Prince of Sororiya Viktor von Zeck IV Prime Minister of Sororiya Ignacio Perez Molinos (UDM) Congress of Sororiya XXX
Universalis Universalis flag.png Universalis1727AN.png 26,398,098 (1727 AN) Aristarchus Chairperson of the Science Governing Board Orion Science Governing Board XXX
Klaasiya Klaasiya map.png 82,924,615 (1727 AN) Hoheit President of Klaasiya Llŷr Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine Prime Minister of Klaasiya Augusto Buenaventura (FJBP) Confederate Congress of Klaasiya XXX
New Dracoheim New Dracoheim flag.png Newdracoarms-1.png ND map 2022.png 9,601,055 (1727 AN) Hoffenheim Alba Margrave of New Dracoheim John Hilding Waffel-Paine Lord President of the State Council Laura Eucalyptos (UDM) State Council of New Dracoheim XXX
Ptia Ptia1727.png 723,432 (1727 AN) Ptia Lord Warden of Ptia Vadoma I Lord Protector of Ptia Francisco Gerty (FJBP) Warden's Council of Ptia XXX
Athlon Athlon flag.PNG 2017AthlonCoA.png Athlonwiki.png 852,642 (1727 AN) Doza Pentheros of the Dozan Bovic Church Sergius Hergones Senior Metrobosarch Gywn Moonoak Council of Metrobosarchs XXX
Naya Island PrincelyIsle CoA.png Naya island rename.png 761,282 (1727 AN) Ely Kynaz of Naya Island Eremias Angus-Moonoak Chancellor of Naya Island Joseph Aristarchus (FJBP) Frenzy of the Natopian Empire XXX
Western Natopia
Arboria Arboria flag.png ARB coA.png Arboria1727AN.png 37,030,949 (1727 AN)
Whales Whales flag.png Whales coa.png 923,628 (1732 AN)
Dos Gardenias Dos-Gardenias-Flag1-1.png DosGardeniasCoA.png 33,987,233 (1727 AN)
Tapfer TapferFlag1-1.png TapferCOA.png 92,443,567 (1727 AN)
Baudrix Baudrix-Flag-1-1.png Baudrix-COA1-1.png 56,702,050 (1727 AN)
Arboria del Sur Arboria-del-Sur-Flag-1-1.png Arboria-del-Sur-1711AN.png 39,812,929 (1727 AN)
Saint Andre Saint Andre flag.png StAndre.png 28,941,629 (1727 AN)
Transegale Transegale-Flag-1-1.png Transegale-COA1-1.png 42,109,388 (1727 AN)
Mar Sara Mar Sara flag.png Coat of arms of Mar Sara.png 17,892,122 (1727 AN)
Neridia Neridia-Flag-1-1.png Neridia-COA-1-1.png 94,419,982 (1727 AN)
Geneva Geneva-Flag-1-1.png Geneva-COA-1-1.png 2,488,923 (1727 AN)

Politics and government

Demesnial and local government finance

Federal block grants and transfers

Demesnial taxes and revenue

Frenzy apportionment

Natopian census


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