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New Dracoheim

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Eastern Natopian demesne
Margravate of New Dracoheim
Flag of New Dracoheim
Coat of Arms of New Dracoheim
Coat of Arms
Motto: Hic steterat Dracoheim gloria victis
Location of New Dracoheim
Map versions
Capital Hoffenheim
Largest city Hoffenheim
Official language(s) Drakspeak Dialect of Nats
Official religion(s) Reorganized Church of Bous of Modern-Day Saints
Demonym New Dracoheimer
 - Adjective New Dracoheimian
Government Constitutional monarchy
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 - Margrave John Hilding Waffel-Paine
 - Legislature State Council
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Population 6,461,235 (1707)
Abbreviation ND

The Margravate of New Dracoheim is a demesne of Eastern Natopia. It is located in south-central Tapfer on the Bight of Tapfer. Its capital and only major city is Hoffenheim. New Dracoheim Sororiya to the east, Northern Klaasiya to the north, and Egale to the west. New Dracoheim is home to many Draconians, having been relocated there to settle the area after it was vacated by Stormark. It was previously united with Northern Klaasiya and Egale in the Confederate States of Klaasiya until the Division of the Natopian Empire.


New Dracoheim is the among the least populated areas in Eastern Natopia and has been historically underdeveloped. Immediately before the land was claimed by Natopia, it was owned by Stormark. The distrust of nationals from that country depressed initial inward migration and stunted economic growth and investment. It was slowly populated by Draconians who fled from poor treatment in other parts of Natopia. It was economically devastated during the Natopian Civil War and suffered from subsequent waves of depopulation as Draconians moved to Elwynn to follow Ludwig Drakire (known as Luix Rakira at that time) after his unlikely rise to power there. A constant stream of outward migration to Elwynn, Drak-Modan, and Draconia has left the region severely disadvantaged. It heavily relied on assistance provided to it by the confederal government of Klaasiya, with the economies of Egale and Northern Klaasiya being stronger. The creation of a NDF naval base in 1609 on New Dracoheim's Bight coast provides a significant portion of the demesne's economy.


After the division of Natopia and the dissolution of Klaasiya, the State Council of New Dracoheim invited John Hilding Waffel-Paine to claim the former title of Margrave of New Dracoheim, a title that his great-grandfather Ludwig Drakire claimed when he led the Coalition of Self-Governing Natopian States against the Imperial government in Lindstrom during the Natopian Civil War. The gesture was largely symbolic and comes with very limited powers or perks. Critics claim that such a gesture promotes the "Lost Cause of Drakire" revisionist theory that frames the civil war as a lost war for Draconian freedoms. The State Council elects a Governor every five years. The State Council is composed of a councilor elected from each of New Dracoheim's 15 electoral districts.