Natopian Civil War

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The Natopian Civil War was a civil war in Natopia from 1587 to 1589, fought between the regions on Yellow Island that remained loyal to the imperial government and the regions on mainland Tapfer that had seceded to form the Coalition of Self-Governing Natopian States. The civil war began primarily as a disagreement over Imperially-appointed dukes that ruled over the Tapfer regions and were often absent, ineffective, or corrupt. The conflict began in 1587 when Ludwig Drakire declared the region of New Dracoheim to be a refuge for the Draconian diaspora, called out the generations of mistreatment of the Draconian people at the hands of the Imperial government, and incited other mayors and regional leaders on Tapfer to organize themselves and evict Imperial officials. The Imperialists on Yellow Island proclaimed support for unity of the Natopian nation as a single state. The Coalition on mainland Tapfer proclaimed support for an alliance of states that share Natopian identity.

Origins of Conflict

Heidi Dracosson gives her speech on Draconian rights in 1579 when Ludwig Drakire was 19 years old. Inspires Ludwig Drakire to move to the area of Tapfer once known as The Bight, a former Vanic territory that remained empty and unwanted. Drakire creates New Dracoheim and begins to agitate for greater rights for his people against what he sees as an empire in decline.

The War

Klaasiya and Sororiya join the Coalition and blockade Borders Bay, cutting off the Natopian capital and most of Yellow Island's population. The Coalition seriously damages the Eucal-Oakham Bridge, as a symbolic "cutting of ties" and practical defensive measure.

Despite initial setbacks, the Imperialists are more well-funded and retain control of most of the military. Skirmishes and battles last until 1589.

Exile of Drakire to Elwynn

Drakire's assistant, lieutenant, and confidant, an Athlonian named Paidron, betrays him by attacking him with an ax (leaving Ludwig with his facial scar). It was revealed that Paidron was a sleeper agent of the Dozan Bovic Church and was given instructions to end the civil war by killing Drakire, depriving the Coalition of its charismatic leader, and allowing the Imperialists to crush the rebellion. Paidron exiled and deported Drakire to Elwynn where he became a naturalized Elwynnese citizen as Luix Rakira in 1595.

Neoptolemus Rise to Power

Paidron, who's real name was Neoptolemus, managed to get himself elected as Pentheros in 1608, and also in 1608 issued the Pentheral Bull that re-established the Natopian monarchy.

Conspiracy Theories

It is a common belief among Draconians that Paidron had been guiding Ludwig Drakire towards the path of war, encouraging his increasingly belligerent behavior, and provoking him into starting a foolish war that tarnished the reputation of Draconians' as traitors in addition to their original stereotype of untrustworthy vagrants. Later when Paidron was elected as Pentheros and proclaimed a new Natopian Emperor, many Draconians felt the entire civil war was a long-term ploy of the Church to drive the nation towards civil war to convince the population that the only form of good government is a monarchy.

Legacy of the War