Heidi Dracosson

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Heidi Dracosson (b. 1561, d. 1645) is a pivotal, yet relatively unknown character in Natopian history. She delivered an historic Natopia Day speech in 1579 that would set into motion a chain of events leading to the Natopian Civil War, Luix Rakira's exile to Elwynn, the Dozan Bovic Church establishing theocratic control over Natopia, Rakira's subsequent election to the Kaisership of Shireroth and relationship with Heidi's daughter Kizzy Drakland, Rakira's death on the eve of the Kildari Succession Crisis, and all such related crises and catastrophes of the modern era.

Dracosson graduated from Lindstrom High School with top honors and was granted the privilege of delivering the Natopia Day Speech by Emperor Nathan I. Her speech roused the Draconian population of Natopia, which had been forced to assimilate into the dominate Mehl culture. Following the speech she capitalized on the resurgence of Draconian pride and moved from Lindstrom to the slums and shanty towns built on the ruins of Dracoheim. She worked in the slums for several years before she encountered a young man we only know as 'Drakland.' The two enjoyed a quick, but fleeting, relationship before Drakland left Dracoheim, as was common and expected for young men in the semi-nomadic Draconian culture. Dracosson did not realized she had become pregnant until Drakland had left and could not contact him. She gave birth to her daughter, Kizzy, in 1597 in Dracoheim.