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Not to be confused with Draconic.

The Draconians are a people who trace their origin to the island of Nel Modan, in the Benacian archipelago. They have been a nomadic people for most of their oral history. They migrated to Yellow Island where the established the Dracoheim on that island, named after the Dracoheim of Nel Modan. They were eventually displaced by Nett Opaegh's conquest of Yellow Island and reduced to second-class citizens for early Natopian history. After the destruction of Tapferite Dracoheim and Opaegh's command for it to never again be rebuilt as a warning against those who opposed him, the Draconian people spread out to other parts of Tapfer, hoping to make better lives for themselves.

On 12 Sonnuber 1682, the semi-autonomous Kingdom of Draconia was formally separated from the Drak-Modani demesne of So-Sara, providing the Draconians with their ancestral homeland.

The Draconians have recently begun to consider themselves to the purest race of humanity. Legal personhood and the right to citizenship is automatically extended to Draconians under Drak-Modani law. Non-Draconians are not naturally willing or capable of many tasks that Draconians can do, so non-Draconians must undergo testing to verify the ability to carryout the functions of a Drak-Modani citizen. When required by international expectations, the presence of non-Draconians in Drak-Modani territory is tolerated, or sometimes embraced as a curiosity by more liberal Draconians.

Cooperation among Draconians and non-Draconians is possible, but the non-Draconians must adhere to a strict moral guidance policy that includes absolutely no mention of their perverted exclusively heterosexual activities. Draconians find the idea of being exclusively attracted to the opposite gender to be repulsive, unnatural, and anti-human. It is this critical failing of non-Draconians to be unable to find their own genders attractive that has called into question the very humanity of non-Draconians. Because of the near-universal prevalence of queer, homo-, bi-, and pansexuality among Draconians, the existence of strict heterosexual non-Draconians is seen as an aberration.


As a nomadic people, the Draconians have long been marginalized, stereotyped, mistreated, and distrusted. Draconian writers and leaders began to reacquaint old and new settlers alike with Draconian culture with a tinge of propagandizing. After generations of shame, Draconians now felt pride in their heritage. And after more propaganda, the Draconians would soon feel superior.

After the stability of the kingdom of Draconia had been established for a few years secret Draconian customs became more and more commonplace. Draconians were emboldened by their unwarranted sense of propped-up superiority. A new and entirely fabricated legend of Kaiser Loki I began to be circulated that reframed his dalliances on Dracoheim as a mystical action to birth a race of enlightened, and beautiful free spirits to roam Micras until one day rule it themselves. As the Draconians began to see themselves as native Benacians, they began to align themselves with more conservative parties

Certain tenets of Draconian culture have been kept relatively quiet from the public, except during the public extravagances of the reigns of Kaiser Sehml and Kizzy Drakland. Most Draconians are polyamorous and poly/pansexual. For many generations they rejected marriage because it required approval from the state. They group together in relationships based on mutual interest and attraction.

Due to their marginalized history, many Draconians found work on the fringes of society. Sex work was very popular among Draconians, even Kizzy Drakland, who became kaiseress of Shireroth was a sex worker in her early years.

The nomadic nature of their culture also necessitated that unwanted children were an extreme burden on their society. Heterosexual couplings that carried unwanted and burdensome offspring to term were sometimes ostracized. Producing an overabundance of children was seen as vulgar and selfish. Contraceptive use is taught as an essential part of life to children of appropriate age. Abortion is regular and encouraged. When a coupling does decide to reproduce, adoptions from inside the group are preferred. Same-sex couplings often negotiate with other couplings on a careful and defined parenting contract. The sperm and egg donor are assigned, and the surrogate is assigned. Sometimes as a last resort, the "farm method" is chosen when a male would insert himself into the female.


When raised in a toxic, anti-human, heteronormative environment the Draconian identity is one that forms after a process of self-realization and de-toxification. This process may take years in particularly oppressive and anti-human cultures. About 80% of the world wide population is capable of accepting their Draconian or queer identity. The degree to which one identifies as Draconian may fluctuate from incidentally, to occasionally, to half of the time, to often, to exclusively. Most often, societal pressures prevent an individual from realizing the less prevalent Draconian degrees.

Conversion Camps are popular facilities for those wishing to correct their amoral and anti-human heterosexual orientation so they may better align their private thoughts with the Draconian identity. Through hard work and prayer to Bous they will realize the suppressed Draconian identity that was inside them all along.

Of the 20% of the world population that chooses to pursue their anti-human strict heterosexual lifestyle and does not possess the proper fortitude to recognize their latent Draconian identity, they are legally classified as non-humans under the laws of Drak-Modan. Non-humans are physically castrated or subjected to a oophorectomy. They are suitable for forced labor or menial jobs that would be below the dignity of a Draconian. Based on a long history of amorality, all Vanics are automatically classified as non-human in Drak-Modan.


Drak-Modani scientists have identified some genetic markers that correlate to the Draconian-identity. Sociologists have correlated higher levels of career advancement, personal happiness, longer life, sense of fulfillment, and other positive markers of a good and moral life when examining well-adjusted Draconians who grew up in a welcoming culture and home environment. Qaren Queenie, PhD is one of the leading researchers and proponents of queerness as a mark of high morality. These studies form the basis of the interdisciplinary study of Dracogenism. Dracogenists believe that the genes carried by Draconian people, when using a controlled and planned program, will one day result in elevating all other beings on Micras to the superior position enjoyed by Draconians.

This does not inherently discourage miscegenation between Drak-Modanis and foreigners, but genetic testing of the fetus is required for such couplings. If certain genetic markers exist that indicate a high probability of Draconian identity, the pregnancy is allowed to continue. If genetic testing indicates otherwise, the fetus is classified as non-human and an abortion is performed immediately. The parents of the non-human fetus may choose to bring it to term outside of Drak-Modani jurisdiction and they abandon their right to return to the State and their Drak-Modani citizenship, residency, and property rights.


Outside of Drak-Modan, the Draconian diaspora has significant communities in the cities of Smjorkyr, Demonsfall, Shirekeep, Lindstrom, and Hoffenheim.

New Dracoheim

Ludwig Drakire, left the slums built around the ruins of Tapferite Dracoheim and moved to New Dracoheim, a reservation of former Storish land set aside by the Natopian government as reparations for mistreating the Draconians. He became a farmer and helped establish the town of Hoffenheim. Eventually he became a political leader and activist. He started a civil war between the Mainlanders (Klaasiyans, Sororiyans) and the Islanders (Ziegeland, Tas Neemia). Eventually he was betrayed by his assistant, a Bovic assassin, and relocated against his will to Elwynn, where he took the name Luix Rakira. His prominence brought many Draconians to move to Iserdia.


Luix rose in the ranks of Elwynnese politics, became prince, and even became elected Kaiser of Shireroth as Kaiser Sehml, and founded the Imperial Bloodline of Drak, which genealogists traced back to the Line of Grifos and many meetings between Kaiser Loki I and employees of the Dracoheim-Nel Modan brothels. Upon Luix's election to the Mango Throne, the Draconian diaspora flocked to Shirekeep, and Demonsfall being invited there by Ryker of Goldshire.

Notable Draconians


One of Luix's concubines, Kizzy Drakland, became quite famous in her own right. She became Kaiseress, Queen of Modan & Malarboria, wielded the Sword of Fire for some time, was killed, and reanimated as a possessed demon puppet. She had a child that she gave up for adoption after birth: Kyle Kilynn.


Rags to riches story, grew up poor orphan in Ynnraile. Sought his fortunes in the Neridia Company, eventually became a Count in Neridia, the Steward of Shireroth, and eventually married Asara Sisu Waffel-Paine merging the Imperial House of Waffel-Paine and the Imperial Bloodline of Drak.

John Hilding

One of Nathan II's quadruplets. John Hilding Waffel-Paine was destined to be King of Drak-Modan and secure the cultural and political hegemony of Natopia over Drak-Modan until populist movements in Drak-Modan forced his father, and then him to abdicate. He spent the first 8 years of his life in Drakorda and feels more kinship to the Draconians of Benacia then to the Natopians.