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Languages of Natopia

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As a plurinational empire, many languages are spoken in Natopia. Natspeak is primary spoken and used as a lingua franca. Natspeak is closely related to, and mutually intelligible with Istvanistani.

Regional languages

As Natopia has grown and expanded into different parts of the world, many languages have been encountered. Regional and local languages are encouraged to grow and be taught at home as first languages.


Some of the inhabitants of the island of Alrodey are descended from the Empire of Alrodria, which occupied the island of Caplona before being welcomed into the Natopian empire. Alrodrians soon emigrated to Alrodey (then known as Crystal Island, and Muckypuckyland). Their language, like the culture of their empire, was similar to Latin and early contact between Alrodria and Natopia introduced many Latin phrases into Natspeak. It is still spoken on the island of Alrodey.


They speak it in Port Saint Andre. It's Italian! Might just be a dialect of Gaian/Tellian.


Athlonic is basically just Attic Greek. It is the spoken and written language in Athlon. It is also the liturgical language of the Dozan Bovic Church, although Herds are almost always given in local languages.


It's basically just German. They speak it in Lochhatonia, Ziegeland, Punkrock and southern Klaasiya.


They speak it in the Great Hazel Woods and a few cities like Hazelwood and Oakham. It's probably a Celtic language.


A constructed language from Lavalon. Some still speak it in Sororiya and northern Klaasiya.


The ancient language of the Klaasiyan tribe who lived on Bora'Dera's Bay from present day Borders City to Fort Newport and who are native to Tapfer and the ancestors of most of the population of Northern Klaasiya. The proto language of modern Laval and Klaasiyan.


An endangered language, descended from Boraderiyan and preserved in small villages in Northern Klaasiya. Now spoken as the only language on the Princely Isle.


It's French! It's spoken in the Most Serene Union and parts of Natopia that used to be Alexandrian.


It's Spanish! It is also spoken in the Most Serene Union and parts of Natopia that used to be Alexandrian, mainly in Tapfer.


It's Bengali! It is spoken in Tas Neemia. Might be related to the language of Karnali.


They speak it in Arboria.


They speak it in Normark. It's Norwegian... or maybe Swedish nowadays.


Yardistani is a constructed language. They speak it on Mar Sara.


It's Quechua! Also spoken in the Most Serene Union, mainly in New Alexandria and in Thalassa.