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Confederate States of Klaasiya
[[|125px|Flag of Klaasiya|frameless]]
[[|85px|Coat of Arms of Klaasiya|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
Motto: Land of Juice and Bagels
Location of Klaasiya
Map versions 13.4.1 - present
Capital Borders City
Largest city Klaasisiya, Mehlville
Official language(s) Natspeak
Official religion(s) Bovinism
Demonym Klaasiyan
 - Adjective Klaasiyan
Government Representative democracy
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 - President Llŷr Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine
 - Legislature Confederate Congress
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Abbreviation CSK

Klaasiya, officially known as The Confederate States, is a demesne of the Natopian Empire which is primarily located on the continent of Tapfer. From 1632 to 1672 it has was the domain of the Angus-Moonoak branch of the Waffel-Paine dynasty after the ceremonial title of Marquis and Marquise of Klaasiya was granted to Ivo and Gwyneth Angus-Moonoak by the then Faro of Flaventia, Naian I. In 1673, their grandson, Llyr Angus-Moonoak, the last Tsar of the Marches, abolished the tsardom and established a democratic federal republic consisting of three states, Northern Klaasiya, Egale, and New Dracoheim. The Princely Isle is administered and partly-owned by Klaasiya.


The Crown Duchy

After Naian granted the Marquisal title to his aunt and her husband, the young couple established themselves as the ceremonial representatives of the Klaasiyans. Upon settling a permanent life in the demesne, Ivo and Gwyneth purchased a former country retreat of a safir CEO that had been returned to public trust when the safir-corporate government had collapsed. The country retreat, which bore the name Hartington Hold, was modernised and renovated to accommodate the needs of the rich CEO, which also coincidentally happened to meet the criteria for the type of home the young Marquis and Marquise were looking for. Having settled themselves in Klaasiya, their hard work in dedication to charities and other organistaions quickly helped them earn the respect and admiration of not only the Klaasiyan population, but that of the minorities - Egalians and Draconians.

On 22 Bulltober 1633, about an year after their marriage, Emperor Naian held a coronation of Ivo Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine and Gwyneth Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine where he named them Crown Duke and Duchess of Klaasiya. With that, Naian had in effect established the Crown Duchy of Klaasiya and made his close relatives and friends its rulers. It was also on that occasion that their son, Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak Ayreon-Kalirion of Waffel-Paine, a future Emperor, was christened and had his name announced to the public too.

In the months following the coronation, the couple went through what was perhaps the most difficult stage in their reign. Although Klaasiya had previously been an established demesne, the lack of an active local government meant that an enormous amount of effort, work and dedication was required, so that the land could become prosperous again - time and effort which took every piece of energy from the couple. Soon after the coronation and as a sign of the deep and lasting connection between the people of the demesne and its rulers, Ivo and Gwyneth undertook a tour across all corners of their land. It was in that period that the Fundamental Ducal Decree was granted to the people of Klaasiya by their Crown Duke and Duchess - a document which put into law the very foundations of governance in the Crown Duchy and later on the Royal Tsardom. What became unique about Klaasiya and about the Duke and Duchess is that they literally acted together on every single occasion - from co-signing Ducal Decrees to receiving guests and jointly addressing the population, the family values which they incorporated into the Klaasiyan culture are to this day considered their greatest and most precious achievement and gift to the lands of Klaasiya, Egale and New Dracoheim.

Troubles in Egale and the Crown Duke's abdication

Despite all the progress achieved by the Crown Duke and Duchess, there were areas of policy which did not universally appeal to everyone and every region in the demesne. Egale, as a home of people with exceptional democratic values, became particularly troublous in the years to come. An organised group of individuals who represented and coordinated those moods to a large extent, known as the Council of the Wise, was spreading pro-democratic and pro-election propaganda across Hoheit and beyond. Their idea of the Angus-Moonoak dynasty was not one of almost supreme rulers, as they had become under the provisions of the Fundamental Ducal Decree, but rather of the limited, ceremonial Marquisal family they were before. When it came to politics and decision-making, elective democracy worked best as far as the Council were concerned.

As tensions were rising and the need to settle things became ever greater, the Duke decided to intervene by making a TV address, during which appeared to be very dismissive of the Council and what its members and sympathisers stood for. The statement was badly received and the escalation of the situation was inevitable. Faced with the threat of direct confrontation, and under immense self-imposed sense of misjudgement, Ivo decided that the best course of action is for him to abdicate - it was later speculated that the fact that the Duke did not receive support from his wife over the matter of the statement further made up his mind that an abdication is necessary. Ivo's last day as Duke was on the 21st of Natopuary 1636, after which began the only period of individual rule (Gwyneth's) in the recent history of Klaasiya.