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Chancellor of Natopia

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Chancellor of the Bovic Empire
of the Natopian Nation

The Arms of the Imperial Chancellery
Arjuna Dhritarashtra
since 1716
Style Mister Chancellor
(within Natopia)
His Excellency
(in international correspondence)
Residence Imperial Chancellery Building
(Lindstrom, Natopia)
Appointer The Emperor
Term Indefinite
with confidence of the Frenzy
Inaugural holder Nathan Waffel-Paine
Formation 1488

The Chancellor of Natopia is the presiding officer of Natopia's legislature, the Frenzy, chief executive, and Natopia's head of government.

The Imperial Chancellery of Natopia handles most of Natopia's internal and domestic affairs, whereas the Emperor handles foreign and military affairs.

List of Presiding Officers of the Frenzy

Tenure (Natopian years) Chancellor Demesne
1488–1489 Nathan Waffel-Paine Ziegeland
1489–1489 Andrew S. (as Grand Consul) Ziegeland
1489–1498 Nathan Waffel-Paine (as Grand Consul) Ziegeland
1498–1506 Nathan Waffel-Paine (as Grand Alderman) Ziegeland
1519–1525 Tom Biffo Punkrock
1525–1536 Matt Z. Muckypuckyland
1536–1550 Tom Biffo Punkrock
1550–1568 William Strauss (as High Holy Bovicar) Muckypuckyland
1568–1607 Nathan Waffel-Paine Ziegeland
1608–1619 Christo Eucalyptos Sororiya
1619–1641 Lord Erion Arboria
1641–1642 Noor bint Daniyal (as acting Chancellor) Leng
1642–1651 Benjamin Meir Thalassa
1651–1656 Joshua St Endellion Elijah's Rest
1656–1661 Li Naomiai Elijah's Rest
1661–1668 Benjamin Meir Thalassa
1668–1669 Tinker Sprocket (as acting Chancellor) Lindstrom City
1669–1672 Clara Sundara Ziegeland
1672–1707 Ernesto de la Cruz New Alexandria (Dos Gardenias)
1717–1716 Ernesto de la Cruz Western Natopia (New Alexandria, Dos Gardenias)
1707–1716 Eiiard Darkroot Eastern Natopia (Hazelwood)
1716–1731 Arjuna Dhritarashtra Tas Neemia
1731- Eiiard Darkroot Hazelwood