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Arjuna Dhritarashtra

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Arjuna Dhritarashtra
Full name Arjuna Dhritarashtra
Physical information
Species Human
Biographical information
Date of birth 1680 AN
Nationality Natopia Natopia
  • Chancellor of Eastern Natopia
  • Chancellor of Western Natopia
  • Mantrin of Tas Neemia

Arjuna Dhritarashtra, b. 1680 AN, is the present Minister or Mantrin of Tas Neemia (akin to a prime minister), having been in position since 1714 AN.

Dhritarashtra is a former construction worker (specializing in wood). Having no formal education since the age of 16, he had worked as an apprentice in construction until his 19th birthday. He became quickly involved in trade union, becoming a local representative for his colleagues in his company, and aiding in securing better collective bargaining agreements. In 1706 AN, he was elected to the board of the Union of Construction Workers in Tas Neemia, becoming the union's chair in 1710 AN. The union found success in securing better pay and work conditions for its workers through a series of negotiations up and to 1712 AN, at the same time as the productivity and profits of construction companies across Tas Neemia increased more than expected.

After the demesnal elections in 1713 AN led to no faction securing a majority in the local legislature, the left-wing parties nominated Arjuna Dhritarashtra (respected also in the business sector) to be a party politics neutral arbiter and head of government. The right-wing parties readily agreed and Arjuna Dhritarashtra's government secured 70% support in the legislature.

It was these consensus-building skills in Arjuna Dhritarashtra that saw him being appointed Chancellor of Western and Eastern Natopia on 2.VII.1716 AN by Empress Vadoma, as a part of the process of reintegrating the two halves of the Natopian empire into one Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation once again.

Honors and Awards