Eiiard Darkroot

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Eiiard Darkroot
Full name Eiiard Darkroot
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black, short
Eye color Brown
Skin color Black
Biographical information
Father Peier Dewbark
Mother Fiona Darkroot
Date of birth 1638
Place of birth Moonoak Thicket, Flaventia, Tarsica
Residence(s) Hazelwood & Lindstrom City
Nationality Natopian
Allegiance(s) Natopia
Occupation Frenzy Representative for Flaventia

Eiiard Darkroot is a Natopian politician, Chancellor of Eastern Natopia since 1707. He was born on Tarsica, under the Guinevere Dome of New Lindstrom, the extramicran Flaventian enclave of Moonoak Thicket. His parents were initiates in the Jaiesican Monastery and taught him to commune with Tree Spirits, how to plant a deceased person, and all manner of Hazkisi magicks. On his 18th birthday, when he was expected to recite his monastic vows and stay in the monastery, he chose to visit Micras for the first time in his life.

He visited Hazelwood City and Oakham, two cities with the most Hazel people living there after the Great Hazel Woods burned down. He found a people without direction and no connection to their roots (literally and figuratively). He decided he could not return to Moonoak Thicket and leave his fellow Hazel on Micras to not know their rich cultural history. He founded the Hazkisi Magick Society in Hazelwood which drew notable students like Cledwyn Starshade and Clara Sundara. These two students would worked together and eventually caused the Hazel Woods to regrow.

When the Faro of Flaventia announced the creation of a new legislature, Darkroot was nominated by the Free Juice and Bagels Party to serve as one of Ziegeland's at-large senators. He was first elected to serve as a senator in the Flaventian Legislature in 1668. His temperament, cool personality, and lack of any political baggage allowed him to secure the presidency of the Congress of the Lands. In 1672, a new Flaventian law automatically made the most-senior senator of Ziegeland the Frenzy Representative. He has served as Ziegeland's Representative ever since, and is known by some as The Emperor's Voice in the Frenzy, either reverently or pejoratively. In 1707, he was named by Emperor Nathan III as the new Chancellor of Eastern Natopia. Initially, his government saw the split with Western Natopia, making sure that the "divorce" went as smoothly as possible. However, by 1710 and onwards, Darkroot received heavy criticism for his hands-off approach of government, with listening too little to the opinions of his cabinet and the Frenzy about matters of importance for the Eastern Natopian populace.