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Chancellor of Eastern Natopia

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Chancellor of the
Sovereign Natopian Empire
The Arms of the Imperial Chancellery
Arjuna Dhritarashtra
since 1716
Style Lord Chancellor
(within Natopia)
His Excellency
(in international correspondence)
Residence Imperial Chancellery Building
(Lindstrom, Natopia)
Appointer The Emperor in the East
Term Indefinite
with confidence of the Eastern Frenzy
Inaugural holder Eiiard Darkroot
Formation 1707

The Chancellor of Eastern Natopia is the head of government, chief executive of the Sovereign Natopian Empire. The position is also the presiding officer the Frenzy, but these duties are almost always passed on to the Speaker of the Frenzy (Eastern Natopia). The Compact of the Eastern Bovic Lands grants the Chancellor considerable executive power in domestic affairs. The Chancellor appoints various Ministers to their cabinet, the Imperial Chancellery of Eastern Natopia. The Chancellor has responsibilities for Eastern Natopia's internal and domestic affairs. The Chancellor and Ministers also serve on the Imperial Council of Natopia, the governing council for the confederation of Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia.

List of Chancellors

Tenure (Natopian years) Chancellor Demesne
1707-1716 Eiiard Darkroot Hazelwood
1716- Arjuna Dhritarashtra Tas Neemia