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Prima Alrodria

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Eastern Natopian territory
Prima Alrodria
Flag of Prima Alrodria
Coat of Arms of Prima Alrodria
Coat of Arms
Location of Prima Alrodria
Map versions
Capital Corinthe Military Base
Largest city
Official language(s) Nats
Official religion(s) Bovinism
Demonym Prima Alrodrian
 - Adjective Prima Alrodrian
Government Dependent territory
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 - Emperor Nathan III
 - Legislature Frenzy of Eastern Natopia
Establishment 1710 AN
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Population 2,145 (summer)
150 (winter)
Abbreviation PA

Prima Alrodria is a territory of Eastern Natopia located on the island of Caplona in the antarctic. It is directly governed by the Imperial government as a mining operation, research station, and military base. Mining operations are contracted to the Alrodrian Survey and Mining Company. The territory surrounds the Community of New Goetia, a protected sovereign nation of East Natopia. It is named First Alrodria after the Empire of Alrodria, a nation that once occupied roughly the same area (and not to be confused with Nova Alrodria). It was founded under the personal direction of Emperor Nathan III as a direct result of a confrontation between the Alrodrian surveyors and Goetic pioneers in order to isolate the Goetic demon worshippers to atone for his father enabling the genocide of the Goetics on Cibola.

During the summer months, the population is over 2,000 miners and laborers. Workers still reside in environmental domes to survive the cold temperatures. In the winter, mining operations cease and the only permanent inhabitants are military personnel garrisoned at Corinthe.