Declaration of Lindstrom

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The Declaration of Lindstrom is the formal agreement between Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia regarding the conclusion of the amicable Division of the Natopian Empire. It is a treaty between the two Natopian states that recognizes the sovereignty of each party and acknowledges the shared commonality of both being part of the Natopian Nation. The treaty outlines certain shared responsibilities and obligations that each state must uphold. The declaration establishes the Imperial Council of Natopia as constitutional body in both states with oversight over the Natopian Defense Force, substantial foreign policy, and land management. The Emperor of the Natopians is a title now shared by the emperor of Eastern Natopia and the emperor of Western Natopia.

The Declaration was ratified by the Frenzy of Eastern Natopia and the Frenzy of Western Natopia in early 1709, and proclaimed jointly by eastern Emperor Nathan III and western Emperor & Empress Edward and Vadoma in Lindstrom on Natopia Day, 23.VIII.1709.

Provisions of the Declaration

Imperial Council of Natopia

The Imperial Council is recognized as the only vestigial constitutional organ of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation, and as such allows for a legal continuity of Natopia as a unified empire, albeit now as a confederation of two sovereign states. It is composed of the emperors and chancellors of the east and west. The emperors and chancellors vote to decide important matters outlined below. If there are co-rulers in either state, the co-rulers must cast a single vote, so that there are only ever four votes. The council shall alternate its annual meetings between the eastern capital, Lindstrom, and the western capital, Geneva.

Imperial agreements

The title and style of His/Her/Their Most Bovic Majesty, Emperor/Empress of the Natopians is shared by both the emperor of Eastern Natopia and the emperor of Western Natopia. Each emperor, however, will maintain their own legally distinct imperial courts in order to use their imperial authority only within their respective state. In international correspondence and to avoid confusion, the title may be differentiated with a geographic descriptor as preferred by the emperor. Each emperor will maintain their own line of succession providing that the title remain among those descended biologically or legally from Nathan Waffel-Paine, i.e. "by blood or by butter".


The Dozan Bovic Church shall remain culturally significant in each state, as determined by the laws of each state. Freedom of religion is guaranteed. The Pentheros will perform the coronation ceremony of both eastern and western emperors to convey the blessings of Bous on each Natopian state. The status of the Pentheral State of Athlon as a sovereign protected nation remains unchanged, although Eastern Natopia will nominally maintain protection responsibilities whereas practical defense will be carried out by the NDF.


The declaration outlines how the Natopian Defense Force is to operate within the two states. The NDF is to remain functionally unchanged, with minimal, and only logistically necessary changes permitted. As the NDF is integrated into the Raspur Pact, it is not permitted that either state make changes that may jeopardize the readiness and effectiveness of the military. The co-emperors retain the position of Grand Commander (commander-in-chief) but the declaration stipulates that both Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia must appoint the same person as the civilian leader, namely as Secretary of Defense, in both states. Military alliances, defense pacts, declarations of war, or other substantial defense policy decisions must be approved by the co-emperors. Both states commit to upholding all defense pacts and agreements made by the Natopian government prior to the division.

Furthermore, the Demesne Defense Forces in each state are required to be maintained to NDF standards and may be mobilized for attachment to the NDF under dire circumstances.

The Secretary for Defense may break a tie in a deadlocked Council vote on time sensitive matters of national security if requested by the eastern and western chancellors.

Foreign policy

Each Natopian state is free to pursue its own foreign policy as determined by its unique geopolitical situation. However, neither Natopian state may engage in diplomacy that would otherwise cause irreversible harm or destroy the other Natopian state. A united foreign policy on substantial matters important to the Natopian Nation must be upheld. Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia will send their own delegations to the Micras Cartography Society, Micras Treaty Organization, and any other international organizations that Natopia was a member. Both states agree to uphold all treaty obligations made by the Natopian government prior to the division.

Economic and immigration policies

The Natopian natopo is required to be maintained as the common currency of both states and a common market will exist as well. No tariffs, customs, or other impediments to the transfer of goods, services, or workers across the intra-Natopian border shall be permitted. Each state will maintain its own citizenship and immigration policies. Free movement of people shall always exist between the two states. Citizens of each state shall have the right to live, work, and own property in the other state without a visa or immigration process. A citizen of one state may apply for permanent residency in the other state after one year of continuously residing in that state, and full citizenship a year after that.

Legal jurisdictions

Each state will maintain their own independent constitutions and legal codes, however each state must protect its citizens' fundamental democratic and human rights. Each state will grant full faith and credit to legally binding contracts. The extradition of lawfully charged persons shall be expedited. The police forces of one state may not operate within the other state, but they will assist in the capture and return of fugitives found therein.

Land management

Each state is free to pursue its own policy regarding mergers and acquisition of additional land. Each state may claim additional land on its side of the Egale River without consulting the other state. Colonies considered outside each state's western or eastern sphere of influence shall be discussed in the Imperial Council of Natopia to prevent conflict of interest or direct competition for resources. Land under Natopian jurisdiction as of the promulgation of this declaration may not be ceded or traded by either state without express permission granted by the Imperial Council of Natopia. Land on Tapfer shall never be ceded or traded under any circumstance, it must always stay under the jurisdiction of the original two parties to this treaty. Any nations or states that become joined to the two Natopian states shall be considered fully integrated parts of the Natopian Nation unless specific exit clauses are negotiated at the time of annexation.

Enforcement and amendment

Either state may petition the other for a redress of violations against this declaration. The Imperial Council will debate and discuss the violations and decide on proper course of action. If a decision has been deadlocked for more than three years, either emperor may request the Pentheros to moderate and provide spiritual insight.

The declaration may be amended only by the Imperial Council of Natopia.