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The Natopian Nation is a term used in the Natopian states to describe the overall unity of the Natopian people and the enduring legacy of the Natopian Empire. As a multicultural society, Natopia embraced the concept of the Natopian Nation as a meta-ethnicity to unite the many people of the empire. After the Division of the Natopian Empire, the idea of the Natopian Nation as a distinct concept became more prominent. It can be used to refer to both Western Natopia and Eastern Natopia as a common entity, as both states still share certain responsibilities, like defense, reciprocal citizenships, and international sporting participation. As such the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation legally continues as a close confederation of the two sovereign Natopian states.

Certain symbols are common and shared among the Natopian Nation. The Cross of Sovereignty is the most notable as an ancient symbol of the people of Natopia. The goat, as the national animal, is also an important symbol that belongs to all Natopians. Peace Through Silent Oppression, the national motto of Natopia since c.1499, is also a common national symbol.

The Natopian Nation is also defined by certain ideals, such as ensuring equality among all sapient lifeforms, protecting expansive personal liberties, promoting education, and providing common welfare.

The concept has its origins in the years following Nett Opaegh's conquest of Yellow Island. The various native people of the island had the Natopian identity imposed upon them, but local customs and cultures were never suppressed.