New Goëtia

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Community of New Goëtia
Flag of New Goëtia
Coat of Arms of New Goëtia
Coat of Arms
Motto: Allow Yourself to be Yourself
Location of New Goëtia
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Capital Gathering Place
Largest city
Official language(s) None (Istvanistani is most common)
Official religion(s) Demon worship
Demonym Goëtic
 - Adjective Goëtian
Government Commune
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 - Demon Queen Andrea Drakland
 - Legislature Conference of Cycle Families
Establishment 1702 AN (Revealed to world in 1710)
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Population 9,745 (1709)
Abbreviation NG

The Community of New Goëtia is a clandestine nation of demon worshippers on the antarctic island of Caplona. They arrived via the Goëtic Trail in 1702 and reestablished their community within the relatively warm and slightly hospitable interior of the frozen island. The community operates as an alliance of autonomous communes, known as Families. Previously nomadic motorcyclists in the Green of Cibola, the Goetics have adopted a sedentary lifestyle in their new home. The frozen island, locked behind miles of permanent ice and isolated from civilization, allows them to practice their taboo religion, demon worship, in private. In 1709, the Community came into contact with advance scouts and surveyors from the Eastern Natopian Alrodrian Survey and Mining Company which had arrived on the east side of the island to set up mining camps in preparation for further development.


The government of the Community is decentralized and shared between the Demon Queen, Andrea Drakland, who assumes a ceremonial and religious role. As a demon ruling over a cult of demon worshippers, she theoretically holds absolute power, and her position's actual authority is ambiguous.

Actual governance is handled by the Conference of Cycle Families which is composed of the leaders of each Family. The Conference decides on matters critical to the survival of the Goetics in the harsh environment and has policies on family planning, assigned labor, and public housing to ensure Goetia's small and vulnerable population is sufficiently sized, fed, and housed. The Conference's authority is built on the Families' trust in it, and the Community is borderline anarchic, with the social order maintained by customs and taboos. Each Family has a more direct say in the behavior of its members, maintaining unique cultures and customs built around worshipping different demons.

Every twelve years the Families select from their own members candidates to compete in the International Master Demonist Contest. The contest judges the candidates on demonstrating charisma, uniqueness, and merit to select the most worthy demonist to represent the entire demon worshiping community. The current Master Demonist, Eustace H. Wriggles, serves as both a mediating factor between the Demon Queen and the Conference by relaying her words and will to the people. He also serves a combined missionary-ambassador role, and spends part of the year secretly traveling the rest of Micras to recruit demon worshippers from their home states to live in a place of religious freedom.


The Conference of Cycle Families creates committees at its annual meeting, and each committee operates within its jurisdiction for that year. The conference assigns each Family to fill the chair of each committee, sometimes based on the strengths of the Family's customs and other times on a random basis. If the committee's actions are determined to be unsuccessful or actively harming the Community, the Conference assigns the chair to general labor for 5 years. After settling on Caplona, the conference began to heavily rely on committees to ensure the survival of the 1,900 refugees and hundreds of returning Goetics. There are standing committees on agriculture, livestock, construction and planning, regulating industry and craftworks, and population control. A steering committee provides oversight and coordination.