Andrea Drakland

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Andrea Drakland
Full name Andrea Drakland
Physical information
Species Half-demon, half-human
Gender Female
Hair color and style Blonde
Eye color Black
Skin color white
Other Ornamental wings
Biographical information
Father Demon-Lord Andras
Mother Kaiseress Kizzy
Date of birth 1655 AN
Place of birth Rhodondra, Highpass, Malarboria
Residence(s) Gathering Place, Goetia
Nationality Goetic
Allegiance(s) Goetia
Occupation Presidentrix of the Council of the Dark Pact

Andrea Drakland is the leader of the demons of Goetia. She controls them, like her mother before her. Unlike Kizzy, who used the Sword of Fire, Andrea maintains control over the Goetic demons with blackmail, deceit, and bribery. She is considered exceptionally beautiful, and has caught the attention of young John Hilding Waffel-Paine who hopes to join her to restore a more pure Line of Drak and jointly rule over Drak-Modan.

Her half-demon ancestry keeps her body alive, as she was born while her mother was a demonically reanimated corpse. At Andrea's birth it was believed that this condition would make her infertile. It is unclear if that is true. She has professed her virginity grants her strength and clarity.

She lived in Highpass until 1661 when her mother fled from Malarboria to Goetia.