Gathering Place

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Gathering Place
Nation: Goetia
Population: 11,583
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: Road to Navigators, Road to Cliffbase, Road to Gateway
Major districts: the Barn, Marketplace, Palaceplace, New Guard Turf Zone

Current mayor: Jack Dreadson New Guard Family Father
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Gathering Place is the capital of the Community of Goëtia. For generations its location shifted as needed between the various family compounds. It is now a fast-growing Goetic commune and self-proclaimed "Beacon of Demonism."


Gathering Place developed naturally among the Goetics as a result of their barter economy. As each autonomous commune was mostly self-sufficient, the annual meeting of the community grew into a large event with religious services, political meetings, markets, and social events. As Gathering Place's purpose and use grew, tents and shacks were eventually replaced by more permanent structures. Various people from each family are chosen to stay behind in Gathering Place, to tend to the small village and keep it functioning year-round and prepare it for the annual meeting of the families.

New Guard CF

New Guard patch

For the first few years the population was itinerant. After the Great Revelation a permanent population took hold. The permanent denizens of Gathering Place were usually recent immigrants from the non-demonic world and held "progressive" views compared to the conservative communes that held their traditions for generations. The new demonists refused to choose to live with the older cycle families out of fear. Soon, the residents of Gathering Place began to form their own cycle family, the New Guard, or New Way. The New Guard Cycle Family is the family organization for anyone who lives in Gathering Place that is not affiliated with one of the other families, and thus it is now one of the largest families.

The New Guard embraces a wider variety of traditions than other families. The fast-growing popularity of the New Guard forced the Conference of Cycle Families to recognize and register the family and to take steps against the more egregious and offensive practices of the "Old Ways."

The Barn

Most of Gathering Place is a shanty town with an itinerant population. A large barn has been renovated, expanded, and customized for the Community's needs.

The Dungeon

The lower level of the barn has been converted into a demonic worship and social interaction space.

Fellowship Hall

The main level of the barn serves as the main meeting location of the Conference of Cycle Families. It is adorned with the colors of each Cycle Family.

Vendors' Market

A large shed that hosts vendors from the Community. Bartering, by offering goods or services, is the preferred method of transaction. As the community has grown larger promissory notes are becoming increasingly accepted in lieu of direct barter or to defer the trade to a later date. Reputation and word of mouth ensure debtors pay back as soon as possible.

The Palace

An online-ordered, prefabricated, mobile domicile for the Demon-Queen and her demonic cohort. The "Palace" is now the home of her daughter Andrea, and a large complex has arisen around it called Palaceplace, including a Temple to Andrea, and the popular nightclub The "Palace" Annex, with its notorious basement bar.

Mr. Gathering Place Contest

Mr Gathering Place.png

Ash Prime was selected by the Gathering Place community to represent them during the International Master Demonist Contest. The title "Mr. Gathering Place" implies that the titleholder has some ceremonial primacy over other titleholders. Other families have criticized the New Guard CF for claiming the name of the share capital in their title. Even the title patch has the motto "The New Way is the only Way forward" embroidered on it, which has upset many who want to see a respect for certain, non-problematic, old way traditions upheld. The New Guard, however, insists on a clean slate for demonism.

The Mister Gathering Place Contest was held at the Annex Basement in Palaceplace. There were 47 contestants, representing all eligible cycle families. The high number of contestants prompted organizers to hold 3 rounds, the first round was essentially a popularity contest with most of the younger and more attractive contestants securing their place in the final round. Ash Prime eventually won with his polished looks, precise speaking-style, and expensive imported clothing that wowed the crowd. Ash catered to local audiences and judges by running on the platform of allowing non-demonists to settle in Gathering Place to manufacture and sell luxury goods and services to Goetics, which in turn might encourage more demonists to move to Goetia.