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The Conference of Cycle Families is the legislative body of the Community of New Goëtia.


Each cycle family sends one representative to the Conference, which meets each year in Gathering Place. The current number of representatives in the Conference is six. The Conference elects a President as the first order of business every year.

Turfed Cycle Families
Back Patch
Name Father/Mother Membership Established Notes
Cliffbase colors.png Cliffbase CF Alfred Priestly Jr. Full Members: 234
Auxiliary: 1,204
1661 Oldest family, traditionally male-dominated.
Gateway colors.png Gateway CF Greta Klooney Full Members: 56
Auxiliary: 926
1662 Second oldest family, traditionally female-dominated.
NewGuard colors.png New Guard CF Tyler Dreadson Full Members: 368
Auxiliary: 1,576
1672 Founded in response to modernization, mostly 1st and 2nd generation Goetics.
Crophaulers patch.png Crophaulers DF Jermaine Fairy Full Members: 67
Auxiliary: 1,109
1675 Merged with the Oxen NF in 1704 and adopted the Oxen patch as part of their colors in memoriam.
Troglonauts patch.png Troglonauts of Cibola Bear "Cubby" Nosering Full Members: 32
Auxiliary: 898
1675 Privateers in the Cibolan Sea, now operate globally.
Gladius patch.png Gladius Demonist Society Cooperson Bull Full Members: 62
Auxiliary: 1,498
1675 Merged with the surviving Bloodhound members and adopted the Bloodhound patch as part of their colors in memoriam.
Nomadic Families
Colors Name Road Captain Membership Established Run
Eagles colors.png
Jacket Left Arm Patch
Eagles NF Edward Full Members: 93
Auxiliary: 61
1663 Serves as a police force now.
Gorillas paramilitary patch.png
Jacket Right Arm Patch
Gorillas NF Ray Full Members: 509 1673 Paramilitary. Goes where needed. Membership open to any Goetic. Gorillas members retain their full membership in their turfed or nomadic families.
Former Cycle Families
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Name Last Leader Membership Years Active Reason
The Saints colors.png The Saints CF Jeff Michaelson Full Members: 265
Auxiliary: 5,912
1661-1671 Unrepentant practitioners of the Old Ways.
Tigers colors.png
Jacket Left Arm Patch
Tigers NF Gerald Full Members: 7
Auxiliary: 6
1663-1679 Made redundant in the Reconciliation and integrated into the Oxen NF.
Horses colors.png
Jacket Left Arm Patch
Horses NF Darren Full Members: 5
Auxiliary: 2
1663-1689 Cliffbase and Navigators. Dissolved after their run was unclaimed as part of the Gateway Western Expressway agreement
Storm petrels patch.png
Back Patch
Storm Petrels NF Russ Full Members: 27
Auxiliary: 13
1675-1689 Between Troglonauts and Crophaulers. Made redundant due to the Gateway Western Expressway agreement. Most joined the Oxen.
Wolves colors.png
Jacket Left Arm Patch
Wolves NF Les Full Members: 27
Auxiliary: 13
1663-1690 Between Gateway and Gathering Place. Low membership, struggled to maintain family cohesion. Dissolved and joined the Eagles.
Boars colors.png
Jacket Left Arm Patch
Boars NF Francesca Full Members: 12
Auxiliary: 25
1663-1690 Between Cliffbase and Gateway. Low membership, struggled to maintain family cohesion. Dissolved and joined the Eagles.
Navigators colors.png Navigators CF Alan Paulson Full Members: 154
Auxiliary: 3,867
1662-1696 Destroyed in the Sky Riots, surviving members joined other families.
Swift colors.png
Jacket Left Arm Patch
Swift NF Penelope Full Members: 39
Auxiliary: 6
1663-1700 Mostly killed in the Athlonic massacres. Survivors joined New Guard CF or Eagles NF.
Oxen patch.png
Back Patch
Oxen NF Daryl Full Members: 81
Auxiliary: 36
1674-1704 Dwindling membership and lack of transportation and roads in New Goetia. Merged into Crophaulers DF.
Bloodhound patch.png
Back Patch
Bloodhounds NF Henry Full Members: 12
Auxiliary: 25
1675-1700 Most members died on the Goetic Trail. The dozen survivors joined Gladius.


The President of the Conference acts as the Community of Goetia's head of government and can be empowered by the Conference with any range of duties or responsibilities. Failure to serve as President satisfactorily will result in failure to be elected, shame brought to the president's cycle family, and even possible exile from the Community.

Actions of the Conference

Each conference keeps minutes and these minutes are available to all members of the community. Records have been kept from every annual meeting, including the informal Family Conferences that founded the Community itself and established the Goëtian taboos necessary to keep the Community safe and hidden. The major decisions of each annual Conference are listed below.

Year Major Decision President Text
1514 Foundation Father Jay It is hereby decided among these Fathers and Mothers assembled in this place of gathering, that after unknown years of wandering the world, adrift on the sea, cast out of towns, our brothers and sisters burned, tortured, killed, raped, beaten, degraded, exiled for no reason but our choice of religion; we hereby decide to run no more. We will settle here, and in the hinterlands around this place, and keep ourselves secret from the world.
1547 Missionaries and Lost Ones Mother Lauren, Gateway Family We shall welcome our lost brothers and sisters into our families, we shall impart Missionaries to scour the world for those who are lost.
1548 Taboo on Mating Mother Lauren, Gateway Family Mating among the Goetics shall, by necessity of scarce resources and our need to remain hidden, be strictly limited to the annual meeting of the Families at the Place of Gathering.
1549 Taboo on Co-Mingling Mother Lauren, Gateway Family The Families shall consist of only one gender, to prevent unintended pregnancies; to repeat last year's decision for all Goetics to understand: We have scarce resources and cannot grow our population or sustain many children while we hide from the world.
1550 Punishment for Mating Mother Lauren, Gateway Family The biological father of any child conceived outside Gathering Place shall have a choice of two punishments: physical castration or branding and exile from the Community. A message from Mother Lauren: "Please, please please please please stop having sex. We are going to starve with all these new babies."
1651 To Settle the Ruins Father Richard, Navigators Family We have noted the disappearance of our neighbors and that they have left pristine cities neatly vacated. Our families shall move into the outskirts of this cities and establish permanent compounds.
1652 Cycles Father Richard, Navigators Family We encourage any mechanically minded Goetics to scavenge the Green for automobiles, preferably motorcycles, so we may spread farther.
1653 Highway Patrol Father Richard, Navigators Family The highways between our compounds are dangerous. Any Goetics who yearn for the open road shall be allowed to associate themselves as a new family with the authority and responsibility to patrol a stretch of highway between two compounds. The families living at each terminus are bound to provide food and shelter for these brave nomads in exchange for travel protection.
1661 Missive to the World Community Father Alfred, Cliffbase Family My name is Alfred, and I live four days away from Gathering Place, with others like me, at the base of a cliff. Some call it Basecliff, others call it Cliffbase. I have been selected to speak for my people this month, and attend to their religious needs. I am the 2,016th Priest selected according to your Nortonian months.

By consensus, The Community has decided we can no longer hide ourselves as we have done for generations. We can no longer live hidden in the hinterlands. Our faith and worship practices drove us to this new homeland, Goëtia. We have missionaries in your countries, seeking out more like us, and the missionaries send them back to Goëtia. We have settled here and made a comfortable, albeit crude, life for ourselves. We are joined, somewhat regularly, by immigrants from your countries who felt persecuted for their faith. Thus we have incorporated self-sufficient technology into our simple lives. We learn of the outside world by each new immigrant, and we are troubled by what recent immigrants tell us.

The Community welcomes them and assigns them to live in a new family. It is taboo to ask from where a Goetic came from. Our former lives are not discussed, and over the years, we only remember our time in Goëtia. Some are natively born in Goëtia, conceived during the Scheduled Time at Gathering Place when the Deacon determines our population cannot be maintained by immigrants. Carefully planned, we have maintained a small population and been able to remain hidden this way.

We have been happy to remain undisturbed until now. The Community has felt compelled to come forward, and we declare ourselves to be a nation. As a nation we will establish ourselves over time and protect our way of life. We worship demons, worship ourselves, and worship each other, as gods of our own lives.

We have, with serious consideration, begun to develop Gathering Place into a town of constructed buildings and will, in time, establish ways for un-recruited demon-worshipers to join us here to continue to build and modernize the Community. We are not unfamiliar with the trappings of statecraft, and we will soon begin to 'play the game' that we have resisted for so long. We would seek friendship with other nations that would, first and foremost, respect our demon-given right to be left alone.

Be yourself, Priest Alfred

1662 Rapids Changes Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF The missionary to Malarboria returned and spread the good news, that Kizzy Drakland would come to rule the community as their living goddess. This prompted a burst of civic pride, and the construction pace of Gathering Place as a city increased. Family compounds began to transform into villages with the cycle families acting as governing councils. New and expanded editions of the Grimoindr, Kizzy's personal notes on the major demons she extracted from Demonsfall. Various Goetics have already pledged themselves to the incoming cadre of demons that they expect Kizzy to bring with her. Devotees usually find themselves elevated to positions of authority within the local families, or those already in power are expected to pledge themselves to a demon to ensure prosperity for their family.
1663 Population Growth Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF In the interest of growing our native population and raising growth to a sustainable rate, the Cycle Families may be composed of members of all genders, and no person may be denied admission into a Cycle Family, as full or auxiliary, based on their gender. Mating shall be permitted at all times, not just while at Gathering Place.
1664 Formal Claim to the MCS Father John Babbit, The Saints CF A formal claim for the turf around Gathering Place shall be lodged at the Micronational Cartography Society no earlier than 23 Friedeber 1664.
1666 Final Map of Goetia Father John Babbit, The Saints CF In the year '666 it was decided by the Conference to finalize the turf of each family. Kizzy Drakland was presented with the map and asked to present it to the MCS for approval.
1667 Expulsion of John Babbit Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF The former leader of the The Saint Cycle Family, known as John Babbit, was expelled from his own family, and in accordance with tradition, is persona non grata among all cycle families who wish to maintain association with this conference and the Community. John Babbit was found to be a conspirator and saboteur from a nearby island whose real name was Johan Johansson. He conspired to derail Goetia's admission into the MCS for reasons presently unclear.
1669 The White Plague Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF Accusations against the Community regarding spreading The White Plague are flatly and categorically denied. The mere concept of bioterrorism is repugnant to the Goetic Community, who values all life and the pleasures that come with it, and should any Goetic be found to aiding, abetting, helping, or otherwise harboring such criminal activities, they shall be crushed to death under the spinning tire of a motorcycle.
1671 Expulsion of The Saints CF Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF The rumors of John Babbit and his brain-washed sympathizers have been found to be true. The entire Saints Cycle Family is declared to be systemically flawed, corrupted, and dangerous to the safe, sane, and consensual practice of demon-worship that the Community embraces. The turf of the Saints CF is hereby left to the Green and all former Saints members are refused entry into Gathering Place.
1672 The New Guard Cycle Family Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF An organization of Goetics have appeared before the Conference and presented the conference with a set of bylaws for a new Cycle Family known as New Guard, based in Gathering Place. New Guard presents itself as the new face of demonism as demon-worshippers from around Micras have continually flocked to Goetia, and most choosing to settle in Gathering Place, which by tradition was maintained by all other cycle families. By granting the residents of Gathering Place their own registered family, The Community embraces the new way of demonism and embraces the future. The Conference approved the new family and formally registered it.
1673 Taboo of the Old Ways Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF The Old Ways, or the Old Guarders, are hereby repugnant to the Community. Any and all Goetics and demon-worshipers who profess or defend the Old Ways are to be expelled from the Community immediately. Practitioners of the Old Ways who are actively dominating another sentient being shall be asked once to release their submissive, if they refuse, they shall be put to death on the ground they stood and left as carrion. There will be no reprisal against a true Goetic who kills a Old Guarder. The Gorillas Nomadic Cycle Family is hereby established to carry out this decision.
1673 Taboo of Kizzy Drakland and John Babbit Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF Kizzy Drakland is no longer our Demon-Queen, nor shall we ever have another queen or king. She is declared a heretic to the true ways of demon-worship. Her continued existence is an affront to the New Guard and our Community. Her actions jeopardize our peaceful religion and contradicts the Goetic belief of individual sovereignty and perverts the collective autonomy of our families by subverting it into an abusive power structure. The actions of John Babbit are included in this Taboo. Any Goetic who kills Kizzy Drakland and/or John Babbitshall shall receive the eternal thanks of this community, shall not need to barter for food or shelter for their life, honorary membership in all cycle families, and the customary title of International Master/Mistress Demonist.
1679 Reconciliation Father Alfred Priestly, Cliffbase CF The Families of the Northern Coordinating Council are granted automatic membership in this Conference. Tolerance of the Old Ways is extremely Taboo and will result in exposure, public humiliation, forfeiture of Family memberships, and expulsion from the Community. Integration with the new families will allow a new era of demon worship.
1684 Taboo of Vanicism Father Jack Dreadson, New Guard CF After consultation with Father Vernon Dreadful after he attended the Council of Tassity, the Conference of Cycle Families adopts the findings of that Council, and classifies the Old Ways as Vanic. Investigations from 1667 have concluded that John Babbit, who was found to be a conspirator name Johan Johansson, was from the Vanic island of Humlebaek, and thus a Vanic infiltrator. The Community notes that some Vanic leaders have been declared "daemonic" by certain organizations. Vanic worship is repugnant to this Community, and any Goetics found to be worshiping Vanic "daemonics" will have their head crushed under the spinning wheel of a cycle.
1687 Modernization Father Jack Dreadson, New Guard CF The roads and borders of the Community are to be re-aligned. Several small nomadic families will be dissolved. The Community agrees to abide by the terms of the Gateway Western Expressway Agreement.
1688 Taboo of Ignorance Father Brad "AJ" Forme, Troglonauts of Cibola The College of Transportation Engineering is granted full recognition by the Community. It is located in and under the protection of the Crophaulers'.
1689 Taboo of Wastefulness Father Brad "AJ" Forme, Troglonauts of Cibola The Troglonauts shall build up a flotilla to seek out unclaimed resources in the freshly ruined port cities on the coast of the Inner Cibolan Sea. Using the profits from our mining exports, the Community shall purchase 5 Minute-class gunboats and one Vista-de-Nada-class frigate from Natopia for the stated purpose of "patrolling the Inner Sea and maintaining stability in our western sphere, so as to prevent interruption to SATCo mining and transport operations under our responsibility."
1702 Taboos of Idealness Alfred Priestly Jr, Cliffbase If any Goetic is found to not be dedicating 10 of their waking hours per day to the success and survival of the Community and their fellow Goetics, that Goetic shall be expelled from the Community and marched to the frozen shores of Caplona and left there. The Conference delegates the necessities of survival to committees, namely for building shelters (chaired by a New Guard member), planting crops (chaired by a Crophauler member), raising livestock (chaired by a Gladius member), planning craftworks (chaired by a Troglonauts member), and recording the histories of those lost along the way (chaired by a Gateway member). A steering committee (chaired by a Cliffbase member) shall coordinate between them.
1703 Taboos of Mating and Co-Mingling Alfred Priestly Jr, Cliffbase The supply of food is not yet sustainable, therefore the parents of any child born shall be expelled from the community. The child shall be raised without shame of their parents taboo. All domiciles shall house a single gender to prevent unintentional mating. A committee on population control (co-chaired by members of Cliffbase and Gateway) will review applications for procreation.