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Gateway Cycle Family
Nation: Goetia
Population: 4,278
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: Road to Gathering Place, Road to Cliffbase, Road to Crophaulers
Major districts: Wolfden, Pigwallows, Oxpen

Current mayor: Tori Muench Family Mother
Map versions:
The family's colors, worn as a back patch.

Gateway Cycle Family is one of the communes forming the Community of Goetia. Gateway was originally founded as a women's-only family. It is locates relatively close to Gathering Place to allow for young mothers to safely get there and back. For many years it has no direct connection to Cliffbase CF, which is the largest commune and was previously a men's-only family, in an effort to control unwanted population growth. Gateway members formally organized as a Cycle Family in 1662.

Gateway CF has 167 full members and 4,034 auxiliary members. Its mother is Tori Muench. It has highway connections to Gathering Place and The Saints CF and has automatic honorary membership agreements with Tigers CF and Wolves CF.

Gateway's colors are an arch. The colors blue and green are the colors of Gateway's associated nomadic families, the Wolves and Tigers.

Gateway CF practice ritual binding, in serene and methodical environments, to remind themselves of the persecution they faced.

In the new Grimoindr Gateways worship Margarite, the Mother of Destruction. As a community still mostly of mothers and women, worship of Margarite helps Gateways come to terms with the duality of their creative and destructive powers.

Ms Gateway to the Best 1684

Ms Gateway to the Best title patch.

Geraldine Costa, known as "Mama Costa" is the wife of Family Mother Tori Muench, and won the title Ms Gateway to the Best.

The contest was held in Lounge 68 in Oxpen. 6 participated in the contest. After the judges final tally, Costa tied with runner-up, Henrietta Klim. As per the rules of the Gateway Cycle Family, the elder

Notable Members