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Cliffbase Cycle Family
Nation: Goetia
Population: 7,187
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: Gathering Place Road, Gateway Road
Major districts: the Horse Paddock, the Eagles Roost, the Pig Wallow

Current mayor: Alfred Priestly Family Father
Map versions:
The family's colors, worn as a back patch.

Cliffbase Cycle Family is one of the communes forming the Community of Goetia. It was a very small camp at the base of a cliff before its population exploded following the Revelation. Cliffbase members formally organized as a Cycle Family in 1661.

Cliffbase CF has 314 full members and 6,732 auxiliary members. Its president is Alfred Priestly. It has highway connections to Gathering Place, and Gateway CF and has an automatic honorary membership agreement with the Eagles CF

Priestly earned some level of fame as the President of the Conference of Cycle Families at the time of the Great Revelation.

Cliffbases's colors represent a view of a cliff. The colors red, yellow, and grey are the colors of Cliffbase's associated nomadic families, the Horses, Boars, and Eagles, of which only the Eagles are still active.

The Cliffbase CF dress themselves in animal skins, acting the parts of dogs, cats, bears, dragons, and snakes to link themselves to spirits of those animals. They are one of the older and larger cycle families, and take pride in being a source of traditions for the rest of the Community.

Cliffbase family members worship Ronové in particular and there is a temple to the demon here. Alfred Priestly, who guided the Community through the Great Revelation and the Reconciliation, is a major devote of Ronové. Ronové's mastery of language and debate makes Cliffbase members especially adept at serving as demonic missionaries, community leaders, and interlocutors with the non-demonic world.

Mister Basecliff Contest


Mr. Basecliff title patch.

Fred Gluck was selected by the Cliffbase community to represent them during the International Master Demonist Contest. The title "Mr. Basecliff" is a nod to the original interchangeability of the family's name, often alternating between Cliffbase and Basecliff until forced to standardize as Cliffbase when Goetia was recognized by the MCS. The title patch is a copy of the Cliffbase family colors, and indicates a lack of inspiration in this old family.

The Mister Basecliff Contest was held at Missie C's Bar and Parlor located in the Roost, the section of the family turf reserved for Eagles. There were 15 contestants, representing all eligible cycle families. Fred Gluck won by demonstrating exception pride in his demon worship lifestyle, his refined sense of style (judges assumed he would look more impressive than other family title holders), and his willingness to expand the definition of demon to include less malevolent deities and creatures. As a member of the Horses Nomadic Family, Gluck patrols the highway between Cliffbase and Navigators which is entirely within Natopian territory. His frequent encounters with Natopians and Bovics has broadened his definition of a demon, and considers that the worship of lesser Bovic deities could be integrated with Goetic demon worship.


Gluck, along with the Alfred Priestly and the leaders of the Cliffbase and Eagles family, decided to hold the next Mister Basecliff Contest earlier than the original 12-year title term stipulated. It was Gluck's initial suggestion that the next Mister or Miss Basecliff have time to prepare to run for the larger contest. As the stakes for winning the Second International Master Demonist Contest were so high, other families also followed suit. The family-hosted title contests thus became roughly analogous to a primary election in democratic states.

The judging panel was also finalized for this second contest. The current title holder, family leader of Cliffbase, and family leader of the Eagles NF would serve on the 3-person judging panel. There were 21 contestants this year, most of them were notably older and more traditional in their demonic practices. Commentators noted that several of the contestants used certain phrases and code-words associated with the Old Ways, which was a taboo to reference. A few observers worried that, if left unchecked, a resurgence of the Demonic old ways may sweep across the Community.

The judging panel selected Cletus Briscoe as the winner of the Mister Basecliff 1693 Contest. He was one of the few contestants to appear on stage in full uniform and animal regalia. He acted in his canine persona, Pup Cleats, for part of the contest. The judges wanted to make sure Cliffbase's special demonic practices were highlighted, and Briscoe was the most eloquent at explaining how Cliffbase's animalist role-play rituals tie into demonism. As was expected from a member of the older, more traditional cycle families, Briscoe's opinion on the future of demonism straddled the line between old and new. He wanted to use his title term to educate Goetics on the more ancient rituals of the Community, to rehabilitate old guarders, and to reject the "corporate, globalist, watered-down demonism" that many New Guarders allegedly follow.

Notable Members