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The Grimoindr is a book of demonic profiles, compiled by Kizzy Drakland for demon worship. This second edition is written for and distributed to the demon-worshiping residents of Goëtia. The first edition was written for Malarboria. Each demon-lord requires a contract of eight years service, which is initiated by a sacrifice from the devotee and completed by a reward given by the demon. For the duration of the contract, the mortal devotee of the demon is granted certain powers, and among the Goetics, will have increased reputation for life. After Kizzy Drakland and many of her demons left Goetia and went back to Demonsfall during the Kalirion Fracture a New Grimoindr was written by Kizzy's daughter Andrea Drakland, as a catalog of the remaining and newer demons.

First Edition

The Old Grimoindr, Malarborian Book of Demons, or First Grimoindr is the pantheon of demons that Kizzy brought over from Demonsfall, Ynnraile, to serve her while she ruled Malarboria. They followed her to Goetia.

Bifrons, Poltergeist of Drakland Manor


Bifrons is the demon lured from Drakland Manor in Demonsfall and given dominion over all of Lochmodan. The demon has a unique disdain for undead, and switches corpses into other graves for fun.

Bifrons seeks a sibyl or bakis who will help him collect gems and wood specimens for use in his rituals. An artist or scientist (amateur or professional) would be an ideal companion for this demon. Over time, once he is convinced of your devotion, he will drop his monstrous form and appear to you as a handsome man.

If you would like to become Bifrons' sibyl or bakis, expect to have a full schedule as you work to de-lich one of the most densely liched regions of the former lichlands. Your work will be rewarded, as Lachmodan is the capital region of the Domain, and Bifrons has been stated to be the Demon-Goddess' favorite, and her favors will no doubt trickle down to you, her demon's devotee.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Bifrons, he will sear his name into your flesh, on a location you determine. You will be bound to him until the contract expires after 8 AN years. As the devotee of Bifrons, you will take on all administrative duties in Lochmodan, serving as Lady or Lord of Lachmodan.

Raum, Imp of Market Square


Raum, the second demon lured by the Demon-Goddess away from Demonsfall. Raum would take the form of a crow and steal things from people in the busy Market Square shopping district. He was given dominion over Lywind to hunt for the lost treasures of the lich queens. Now in Goetia, he is reduced to robbing common graves.

He has a keen insight in the past, present, and future. A master negotiator, he can reconcile longtime foes (to lower their guard to steal from them). He can take the form of a man if it would make the theft easier but prefers to remain as a crow.

As Raum's devotee you will be responsible for finding things for him to steal. If Raum becomes bored, he will begin to steal the souls of children and drop their bodies into the sea. Raum's greatest pleasures are the act of stealing and being unseen. He will have no interest in the treasures he procures and you, and as his devotee, you will enjoy a fabulous life, so long as you keep him occupied with new things to steal.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Raum, he will peck out one of your eyes (your preference) and keep it for the duration of your 8 AN year contract. He will restore the eye to you (fully functioning) at the end of your contract.

Unless otherwise commanded by the Demon-Queen, you can expect to donate some of Raum's treasures to the Demon-Queen herself, the rest is yours to develop your cycle family.

Furfur, Confounder of Ynnraile University


Furfur, the third demon taken from Demonsfall by the Demon-Queen. Furfur haunted the campus of Ynnraile's university. He has a great knowledge of all things secret and divine, and would whisper long theses into student's ears while they slept, only to be forgotten soon after waking up, tormenting the students with the loss of unknowable things.

As he knows secret things, Furfur can cause people to fall in love by revealing secret infatuations, and exposing their feelings. Although he knows many things, and will always provide an answer, none can be sure of his veracity. As a devotee, he will teach you the secret ritual used to compel him to speak the truth, and then you will have access to his knowledge and you may ask him to make a mate of your choice fall in love with you.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Furfur, he will eat your earlobes. They may or may not grow back after the 8 year contract expires.

Andrea, The Demon-Princess


Andrea's father was Andras, and her mother is Kizzy, the undead Demon-Queen herself. She has inherited most of her demonic powers from Andras.

Andras, the fourth demon lured from Demonsfall by the Demon-Queen. Andras was an owl-headed angelic being and would appear to travelers lost in the Daemonwood, on the outskirts of Demonsfall. His appearance would calm the panicked victims and then he would murder them without reason. Andrea, however, is human-formed with large, radiant wings.

She can be a vicious demon, and can be ordered to murder any one. Once given the command to kill, she will always kill.

As the devotee of Andrea, you will be forever spared her wrath, and you will ensure her wrath is not directed towards Goetics. Your oath to her will be kept secret to all mortal authorities.

Andrea, as the Demon-Princess, has the special right to choose who her devotees are. If you ask to be her devotee and she refuses you, she will kill you instantly. Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Andrea, she will memorize your soul, and mark your flesh with her sword, so that you will be eternally identified to her. Your contract is the standard 8 years, but Andrea is bound for eternity to not kill you, even if she is commanded to do so by other devotees or even the Demon-Queen herself.

Ronové, Glutton of Dusk Park


Ronové, the fifth demon lured away from Demonsfall. Ronové roamed the parks and greenspaces of Demonsfall after midnight, and when he happened upon an old dog, cat, man, or woman, would devour their souls, leaving them in a coma for the remainder of their short lives. He despises old and decrepit things.

He absorbs the memories of his victims, and has become a master of all language on Micras and excels at persuasion, and can convince almost anyone to do anything after a moderate debate. He rewards the loyalty of servants, both his own and the servants of others. When he grants a favor to you, he will give the same favor to your foe.

As his devotee you will ensure Amarr has no old or decrepit things to anger Ronové, you will utilize and capitalize on his powers of rhetoric to your advantage.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Ronové, he will confound your tongue, so that you may speak to no one but him, and he will translate for you. After your 8 year contract expires, you will be fluent in all languages that have ever been uttered on Micras.

Adramelech, Beguiler of the Textiles District


Adramelech, the sixth demon lured away from Demonsfall. Adramelech is known for his vanity, cruelty, and limitless ambition. He prowled through Demonsfall's textiles district, stealing clothing to fuel his narcissistic desires. He would primp and preen, and would torment customers in Demonsfalls' clothing boutiques by projecting flattering images in the dressing rooms mirrors. When shoppers went home and tried on their clothing at home, it was revealed that the clothing, and themselves, were hideous. The Beguiler is blamed for the collapse of Demonsfall's textile and design economies as no boutique or design house could stay in business.

If you devote yourself to Adramelech, his ambition and mischief will enrich you as well. He cannot foresee the consequences of his actions, nor does he care. As his devotee you must control his ambition or else the local economy will collapse under Adramelech's excesses.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Adramelech, you will be forced to wear rags, as Adramelech is vain and must always be best-dressed. After your 8 year contract expires, he will grant you a infinite wardrobe worthy of kings so that you can blend in to all situations for personal gain.

Buer, Healer of the Asylum


Buer is the seventh demon that the Demon-Queen removed from Demonsfall. Buer would torment invalids in the city's asylum by removing their maladies when doctors were not present, and returning them when doctors would perform examinations, thus preventing the doctors from ever noting any progress and condemning the patients to live out their lives fully aware of their imprisonment.

If you devote yourself to Buer, you will never be sick, and you will be taught about natural herbs and remedies that cure all sicknesses. You will be required to convince Buer to heal people by making the demon think they will be tormented by their sudden return to health. You may need to follow up by using Buer's knowledge of herbs to inflict milder sicknesses on those who are cured by Buer.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Buer, you will be granted a clear and total understanding of morality, which will always be at odds with Buer's commands. After eight years, Buer will grant you a familiar to protect you.

Stolas, Somme-liar of Little Airle


Stolas is the eighth and final demon removed from Demonsfall. He is very greedy and hoards precious jewels. He has excellent knowledge over astronomy and poisonous plants. The Little Airle neighborhood of Demonsfall was famous for its many restaurants serving prestigious Airle wines. Stolas would poison the casks of wine that came from Airle, causing many people to become sick. Stolas would always perfectly match the poison with the wine, and victims report that poisoned wines were unparalleled in their taste.

If you devote yourself to Stolas, he will provide you with jewels and teach you astronomy. He will also teach you antidotes to his poisons, but he will become furious with you and could kill you if you use them.

Upon confirmation of your oath to serve Stolas, you will lose your sense of taste. After 8 years of service, Stolas will allow you to use his poison and antidote formulas.

Second Edition

Following Kizzy's departure and abandonment of the Community, Andrea took it upon herself to distance herself from her mother and rehabilitate the image of demons as powerful and co-equal companions, not servants or masters. Although there is an element of consensual powerplay and exchange, Andrea wrote the New Grimoindr or Second Grimoindr to highlight the mutually beneficial aspects of demon devotion.

Unlike her mother, who commanded the demonic cohort to obey her on penalty of death by the Sword of Fire, Andrea organized the new demons into the Council of the Dark Pact. She and her lieutenant, Ronove, exercise certain controls, blackmail, extortion, and favors to keep the demons on her council. To appease these demons, temples have been built for them in the family compounds of their choice.

Andrea, Presidentrix of the Council of the Dark Pact

Following Kizzy's departure and abandonment of the Community, Andrea took it upon herself to distance herself from her mother and rehabilitate the image of demons as powerful and co-equal companions, not servants or masters. Andrea has worshipers throughout the Community, but her main temple is in Gathering Place.

Ronové, Lieutenant of the Council

As the only demon to remain on Cibola and true to the Community, Ronove is the only old demon to be included in the new Grimoindr. He is Andrea's lieutenant. His main temple is in Cliffbase and enjoys considerable devotion there.

T'son, Defiler of the Elion-Ant'elion


T'son is a demon once worshiped by the de-civilized tribe of the descendants of the ancient Anthelians on Tapfer. He was lured to Cibola by the widespread de=population following the Alexandrian flu. He wrecked havoc on the inhabitant of the Green, causing them to de-civiize faster than normal, leaving trails of savagery across the once great continent. Most of his more disgusting and unsustainable habits were tamed by Ronove on fear of obliteration of his name from the tongues of mankind.

He is still a savage and undying demon but has agreed to be bound to a 2 year contract during which you must supply him with your blood. If he is not sated he may go on a killing spree and you, as his devotee, will likely be expelled from the Community for your failure to control him. After a two year contract, T'son will give you a fraction of his immortal soul, which will extend your natural lifespan for one hundred years. He refuses to answer if you will continue to age. His main temple is in Navigators.

Margarite, The Mother of Destruction


Margarite is the name used by worshipers of the Margarine Cow. Considered heretics, blasphemers, and apostates in the Bovic community, Margaritians hid their worship for centuries until the Community of Goetia welcomed them. The Margarine Cow is a cow created by an unnamed forty-eyed space demon, then given life by the Butter Cow. Unknowingly it spawned hundreds of margarine cows that destroyed animals and people on mythical Earth. It went on to cause massive amounts of destruction and death. In Bovic theology it, and its mechanized version, are considered neutral evil. In demon-worship it represents the unknowable power of destruction in nature. Margaritians pray to it because they know Margarite does not listen to them, because it cannot listen to them, because forces of destruction cannot be reasoned or bargained with.

Margarite cannot be contracted with, and its devotees receive nothing in return except peace of mind and easy acceptance of world catastrophes. Its main temple is in Gateway. When it takes physical form, it is indistinguishable from the Butter Cow, and many who see the Margaraine Cow proclaim, "I can't believe this is not the Butter Cow!"

Yral'tesh, The Trickster Possessor


Yral'tesh was the minor demon who tricked Kizzy Drakland into thinking he was the great demon Rrakanychan. He reanimated Kizzy by entering and controlling her corpse and then burrowing himself into her brain recently after her first death. Her consciousness was restored for as long as he was inside her and he coerced her into doing many things, eventually drawing her back to Demonsfall where she could finally be killed and he could exit her rotting corpse on hallowed Benacian soil. As a tiny, flying demon, he meandered across the world until returning to Goetia, finding the demon-worship a pleasant change of pace.

Yral'tesh is distrusted by most Goetics and his seat on the Council of the Dark Pact is probationary. His ability to possess and coerce the recently deceased is seen as unnatural, even by most Goetics. However, a small group of death cultists find his powers to be alluring. He has a small shrine in the Troglonauts compound. Some pirates and sailors of the Troglonauts invoke his name when a shipmate dies, merely to hope to have the person jump back up and get back to work.

Nanshe, The Mistress of Keys

Nanshe is a demon, sometimes honored as a goddess, of fertility, prophecy, and social justice. She is worshipped by the Crophaulers who believe that by respecting her dominion and control over fertility by locking themselves in chastity, she will bless them with clarity and foresight.

Contracts with Nanshe are simple. By engaging in self-imposed chastity and voluntarily giving your key to an elder in the commune you are entered into a contract with Nanshe and, over time, her gifts will become more prevalent in your life. The lack of sexual temptations will increase your clarity to such a degree that future events can be easily extrapolated. With more years in chastity and service to Nanshe you will be able to determine prophecies with more accuracy.

Kreios, The Anti-Bosarch


Kreios Dozapoulos was a Bovic bosarch sent as a missionary to the lichlands of Malarboria. He was given authority to preach in the city of Merensk, to attempt to convert the denizens to Bovinism in the aftermath and the collapse of the lichdom of Lichbrook and Minarboria. He asked Kizzy Drakland for assistance in retrieving his fellow bosarchs. She helped him on condition that he convinced the Dozan Church to permit the use of goat milk in sacraments. He secured the special dispensation from the Pentheros and thus created the Capric Rite of Bovinism, which eventually fractured the universal Bovic Church. While still serving the small Bovic population of Merensk, he was transformed into a serpentine goat by by the Butter Spirit as punishment for indirectly causing the Bovic Schism. He cursed Bous and the Pentheros, whose decree actually permitted the use of goat milk. Those in the chapel that witnessed his transformation came to worship him and he and his smaller band of followers wandered the world until finding acceptance in the Community.

Kreios is not a demon in the traditional sense, as he was a man merely physically transformed. His public denouncement of the Bovic faith has gained him many followers among disaffected Bovinists. He now resides in a cave within the turf of the Gladius Demonist Society where his followers give him golden trinkets in exchange for his apostatic goat's milk, which his followers use to defile the sacrament in Bovic cathedrals.

Third Edition

After the collapse of the Community, Andrea realized a stronger hand was required to rule the newly organized Dominion. She recruited several demons from the First Grimoindr to assist her in controlling and manipulating non-citizen laborers. The demons of the Second Grimoindr remain as patron demons of the remaining Cult Families, while the demons of the First Grimoindr serve the whole Dominion in various administrative roles.

Andrea recruited Raum and Furfur to serve as Imp-masters in the gold mines; Buer as public health director; Stolas as an anti-alchemist to reverse gold into useful material; Bifrons as anti-Vanic border patrol; and Ronove as chief ambassador.