The Undying Demon

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The Undying Demon is a holy Bovic scripture and the second scroll of the Book of Revelations.

The Undying Demon

A Revelation of Historical Fact to Theodores, the Holy Pentheros of the Church

I write this chronicle of divine revelation as it was directly shown to me by Bous, the indefinable unified non-corporal existence of the four beings of the Buttery Quadrate. It reveals the history of the Elion-Ant'elion, an uncivilized people in central Klaasiya.

Bous thus spoke to me:

A demon sulks through the world. He is a charmer, a deceiver, a snake. He adopts guises and masks to hide his hideous and tortured soul. He is pitiable and fearful at once. He goes by many and uncounted names. This demon's true name, however, is T'son. He has destroyed nations and peoples. Pitted brother against brother for his own perverse amusement. He acts only on his own desires, a cursed abomination in a world of overwhelming beauty, decency, and wonder.

Many years ago he came to the descendants of those left behind in the ruined city of Helion, former capital of the Anthelians now gone forever on the Lost Planet of Giess. He promised glory and revenge and the Helions, weakened by their ruination, agreed to follow T'son. He veiled them in a black magic to prevent encroaching neighbors who had immediately begun to claim the land and forcibly assimilate and integrate the reviled Anthelians into local populations. The Helions were forgotten. Their land became known as Land's End due to the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and absolute emptiness that prevented surveyors and settlers.

T'son taught them in the ways of trickery and torture, exacting his payment in a vile concoction of innocent and tainted blood. The blood of innocents was readily available and the tainted blood came from Helions accused of gruesome and abhorrent behavior. Over time, T'son grew tired and bored. He proclaimed that the tainted blood was no longer potent enough to be sufficient payment for his guidance. The Helions, desperate and hostage, soon developed greater and greater acts of depravity to amuse and satiate T'son's insatiable appetite.

His corruption flew through them. They maintained rigid social controls to contain the evil acts to ritual and to prevent total societal collapse. Rituals of defilement, abuse, torture, enslavement, were restricted to specific times and the victims of such acts would be bled to the near-end of their life, allowed to recover, and then subjected to rituals again to provide more and more potent blood for T'son. For a time, they were able to maintain a ritualized and compartmentalized fetish for evil while remaining relatively good in their day to day lives.

T'son saw this complacency in his people and became enraged. He demanded complete devotion to their ritual in all aspects of their life. The priests begged for explanations.

How could they survive if no one was planting, building shelter, making clothes and weapons? T'son tore the priests' limbs off and defiled their new cavities as they were forced to remain conscience before the demon devoured each limb in front of the priest it came from.

The people soon collapsed into a state of total savagery. A cycle of procreation, ritual destruction, and cannibalism combined with the twisted magic of T'son sustained the Helions for generations. They had reached the absolute conclusion of the path to evil that so interested T'son. The Helions had attained the most perfect form of evil possible for a mortal species.

T'son grew bored with them and left to go East where a new people, also weakened by strife, had attracted his attention.

Thus is the work of T'son the Undying Demon, the Blood Glutton, the Defiler, the Antithesis.

Preceded by:
Prince William's Revelation
Book of Revelations
Succeeded by
Apotheosis of Elijah