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The Northern Coordinating Council is a former legislative body of the Community of Goëtia, first convened in 1675. In 1680 it was dissolved and its Families joined the Conference of Cycle Families.


Each family sends one representative to the Coordinating Council, which meets each year in Meeting Place. The current number of representatives in the council is 6. The council elects a President as the first order of business every year.

Turfed Families
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Name Father/Mother Membership Established Affiliates
Crophaulers patch.png Crophaulers DF Dean Hammer Full Members: 178
Auxiliary: 3,509
1675 Oxen
Troglonauts patch.png Troglonauts of Cibola Brad "AJ" Forme Full Members: 72
Auxiliary: 1,598
1675 Bloodhounds, Oxen, or Storm Petrels
Gladius patch.png Gladius Demonist Society Cooper Bull Full Members: 62
Auxiliary: 1,498
1675 Storm Petrels
Nomadic Families
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Name Road Captain Membership Established Patrons
Storm petrels patch.png Storm Petrels NF Russ Full Members: 27
Auxiliary: 13
1675 Gladius or Troglonauts
Bloodhound patch.png Bloodhounds NF Henry Full Members: 12
Auxiliary: 25
1675 Troglonauts
Oxen patch.png Oxen NF Daryl Full Members: 54
Auxiliary: 23
1674 Crophaulers or Troglonauts


The President of the Council acts as one of the Community of Goetia's head of government, along with the President of the older Conference of Cycle Families and can be empowered by the Council with any range of duties or responsibilities. Failure to serve as President satisfactorily will result in failure to be elected, shame brought to the president's cycle family, and even possible exile from the Community.

Actions of the Coordinating Council

Each council keeps minutes and these minutes are available to all members of the community. Records have been kept from every annual meeting, including the informal Family Conferences that founded the Community itself and established the Goëtian taboos necessary to keep the Community safe and hidden. The major decisions of each annual Conference are listed below.

Year Major Decision President Text
1675 Establishment Dean Hammer, Crophaulers The leaders of the new families--The Crophaulers, Gladius, and The Troglonauts--in the north are meeting together in this place between their turf, to recognize each other as the families owning the turf they control and agreeing to mutually develop this Meeting Place.
1675 Patrol Runs Dean Hammer, Crophaulers Nomadic families will patrol the runs between turfs and Meeting Place. A person must first belong to a turfed family before they can join a nomadic family. They may only join a nomadic family that patrols the run to their main family.
1676 Old Ways Dean Hammer, Crophaulers The Old Ways are officially banned in the Families, Turf, and Runs of the NCC. Any person found to be practicing or tolerating a practitioner of the Old Ways shall be cast out on a dingy into the open sea into the southernly current.
1677 Modernization Cooper Bull, Gladius The NCC shall endeavor to present itself as a modern, state-like entity to the world. It shall seek foreign investments, trade deals, resource exchanges, and closer integration with potential allies.
1679 Reconciliation Cooper Bull, Gladius Gladius, the Troglonauts, and the Crophaulers will begin to dismantle their shelters and make their way towards Gathering Place. The Families of the NCC have accepted an invitation to join the Conference of Cycle Families.
1680 Disestablishment Cooper Bull, Gladius The Northern Coordinating Council does by unanimous vote, disbands and disestablishes itself.