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In Goetia, laws and regulations are passed by the Conference of Cycle Families and Northern Coordinating Council as a list of taboos. Each cycle family has its own lists of taboos as well.

List of taboos before 1674

  • The Taboo of Publicity
Goetics living in the Community must keep themselves hidden from non-Goetics. Family compounds are to be constructed no closer than 1 hour walk time from the nearest non-Goetic structure.
  • The Taboo of Total Anarchy
The families agree to assemble in a Place of Gathering each year to decide on basic and essential rules.
  • The Taboo of Abandonment
Trusted Goetics are to be allowed into the non-Goetic world, to seek out other persecuted demon-worshipers and save them by sending them back here to the Community.
  • The Taboo of Mating
Mating, defined as sexual intercourse that may result in conception, among Goetics is banned, except when at Gathering Place. (repealed)
  • The Taboo of Co-Mingling
The families of the Community shall be composed of a single gender to prevent mating. (repealed)
  • The Taboo of Siring
Fathers who sire a child that was not conceived at Gathering Place shall be either physically castrated; or branded and exiled from the Community. (repealed)
  • The Taboo of Banditry
Goetics may form new families whose sole purpose it to patrol and protect the roads connecting the family compounds. The family compounds at each terminus of the road shall protect, feed, and shelter these new families.
  • The Taboo of Being Leaderless
Kizzy Drakland, the Demon-Goddess, is recognized as the Queen of the Community of Goetia, Queen of the Families, and Queen of the Goetics. All demon-fearing members of the Community will obey her and her demons.
  • The Taboo of Stagnation
Mating is encouraged, population growth encouraged, co-mingling tolerated.
  • The Taboo of Isolation
The Community of Goetia, to ensure its survival into the future, has revealed its physical location on Cibola, the demonically-raised continent, to the world and throws itself on the world's tolerant mercy.
  • The Taboo of Bioterrorism
The Community of Goetia shall crush under a spinning motorcycle tire anyone found within their compounds or the Wildlands to be developing bioterror weapons, including the White Plague.

List of taboos after 1674

After 1674 when the Northern Coordinating Council was founded, each family association was responsible for passing its own taboos, as certain agreements for the CCF would not make sense for the new NCC.

Taboos of the Conference of Cycle Families

  • The Taboo of Coercion
The Old Ways of Demonism shall be tolerated by those who have practiced it before 1674, however no person shall coerce another into practicing the Old Ways, and none shall be permitted to practice the Old Ways openly.

Taboos of the Northern Coordinating Council

  • The Taboo of the Old Ways
Any person found to be practicing or tolerating the Old Ways of Demonism shall be expelled from the Families of the NCC and castaway on a dingy.