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Crophaulers Demonist Family
Nation: Goetia
Population: 3,687
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: Gladius Road
Major districts: Collegetown, Moto Mall

Current mayor: Dean Hammer Family Father
Map versions:
The family's colors, worn as a back patch.

The Crophaulers Demonist Family is an association of demon-worshippers living in east-central Cibola. It is one of the autocephalous communes of the Community of Goëtia. It is one of the newer Goetic families, and was a founding member of the Northern Coordinating Council. It is now a member of the Conference of Cycle Families after the Reconciliation merged the two family conferences.

The Crophaulers' turf is the location of Goetia's only post-secondary educational institute, the College of Transportation Engineering was established in the family compound to compensate the family for it no longer being on the main route between Troglonauts and Gateway since the completion of the Gateway Western Expressway bypassed the Crophaulers.


The Crophaulers, like all Goetic families, have their own unique rituals of demonism. One major aspect of their devotion to their demonic overlady, Nanshe, the Mistress of Keys is the practice of self-imposed chastity. Crophaulers believe chastity brings clarity and closeness to divinity. As a result of their chastity, they derive great pleasure from serving others. As the family was associated with cargo transportation and long overland hauls, the ritual of cruising developed as a way to celebrate demons. Every 60-or-so miles, the Crophaulers have established truck stops along the entire highway system of the Community. There, they take in travelers, truck drivers, and anyone else in need of respite or relaxation. By serving others, they honor Nanshe who blesses their years of chastity with greater and greater powers of prophecy.

To ensure long-term chastity, Crophaulers fit themselves with lockable chastity devices designed to prevent male arousal. Elder members of the family serve as keymasters to several, sometimes dozens, of other members. It is the keymasters' responsibility to unlock the chaste member for daily cleanings, special ritual circumstances, or during pre-approved situations as discussed between the chaste and the keymaster. Most of these arrangements are treated as contracts between the keymaster, acting as a representative of Nanshe, and the chaste. Most contracts are pre-negotiated to last 1 or 2 years. A keymaster may not reveal the names of those under his or her care, but a chaste member is free to reveal their chastity.

There are, however, some chaste members of the Crophaulers who take sublime pleasure in serving Nanshe in this way. As a result they renew their contracts yearly with their keymaster. Some have been chastely serving Nanshe for a decade or more. These permanently chaste members are given extreme deference, and find work as seers, advisors, and community leaders.

Chastity rules are reversed during the fifteenth month of each year. The keymasters practice chastity during this variable month and the chaste are unlocked for 12, 24, or 36 days of unmitigated orgies and procreation to celebrate Nanshe's fertility gifts.

Mister Longhauler SUPREME Contest

Mr. Longhauler SUPREME title patch.

Clancy DuPree was selected by the Crophaulers community to represent them during the International Master Demonist Contest. The title "Mr. Longhauler SUPREME" is a reference to The Longhaul which is the long stretch of open road between Crophauler's commune and Gateway commune. Any trucker who has traversed the entire route solo, and made their delivery on time, is considered a Longhauler, an informal honorific that has connotations of respect in the western part of the Community. To distinguish the formal contest title, the word SUPREME was added. The Longhaul is now the run between the Troglonauts commune and Gateway following the opening of the Gateway Wester Expressway. The Crophaulers retain control of this title for historic reasons.

In 1684, the contest was held at the Exit 3 Park 'n Rest, one of the Crophauler's largest cruising spots where truckers, longhaulers, and other travelers can rest and be serviced by Crophaulers members. During the title contest, DuPree distinguished himself with fine, yet standard leather uniform; a proposed crusade against Vanics in the Green; presented the precarious geopolitical situation of the Community thanks to his advanced degree in political science; and gave an impassioned speech about defending the Community. During the contest, DuPree revealed that he was, by Crophauler custom, permanently chaste. He claimed regular insight bestowed upon him by Nanshe and prophesized a great reckoning.

Clancy DuPree went on to compete in the 1684 International Master Demonist Contest, and won the title by one point to become Goetia's de facto head of state and spiritual leader of all demon-worshipers throughout Micras.

Notable Members