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Navigators Cycle Family
Nation: Goetia
Population: 3,919
Predominant language: Istvanistani

Main roads: Road to Gathering Place, Road to Cliffbase
Major districts: the Horse Paddock, the Swiftside

Current mayor: Alan Paulson Family Father
Map versions:
The family's colors, worn as a back patch.

Navigators Cycle Family is one of the communes forming the Community of Goetia. It is the only coastal settlement and many of its members are former sailors. Before the great Revelation, Navigators members worked and lived almost exclusively in the docks of the former port city, making them one of the only families to not live in the wilderness. Navigators lived hidden in this old port city for many generations before the Navigators formally organized as a Cycle Family in 1662.

Navigators CF has 154 full members and 3,867 auxiliary members. Its president is Alan Paulson. It has highway connections to Cliffbase CF and Gathering Place and has automatic honorary membership agreements with Horses CF and Swift CF.

Paulson has begun organizing repairs to the docks and port facilities of the old ruined city and hopes that Navigators will become an essential port to the Community to bring in more food and sundries to improve the lives of his cycle family and other Goetics. The Navigator's port is the Community's main link with the outside world, and trade is conducted almost exclusively with the Natopian ports of Ludwig-Satyria to intentionally limit exposure to the non-demonic world.

The Navigators' colors represent a ship's wheel. The colors red and white are the colors of the Navigators' associated nomadic families, the Swifts and Horses.

The Navigators CF tie themselves to a large ship's wheels and flog each other until they experience demonic visions (or faint).

Under the New Grimoindr, the Navigators have taken a liking to worshiping T'son, the Undying Demon. The nature of the Navigators form of worship, flogging, lends itself to T'son bloodlust. He is kept sated by the buckets of blood kept under the flagellators stations. It is unknown if any Navigators have formally devoted themselves to T'son, and it may be unclear for many years if T'son gift of extended life span has been received by anyone.

Expulsion of John Babbitt

Alfred Priestly, recently re-elected as the President of the Conference, was charged with the solemn duty of conducting the expulsion ceremony of John Babbit, the previous president who was discovered to be a saboteur. The man was sitting on the docks, hands bound behind him. Alfred and the other family leaders lifted him up and tossed him into a small dingy. They poured a barrel of fish guts onto the dingy. Alfred read some prepared remarks,

"As duly elected president of the conference, I must enforce the will of said conference, which represents our families. Our families are built on trust, not blood. When one of us breaks that trust, it harms us all. You have behaved shamefully and have no place in your family, or any of our families. You are cast out from the Community and you shall never return. Our Queen has prepared a final and permanent punishment for you."

Kizzy was standing back, watching the family leaders do their thing, but when Alfred mentioned her the crowd parted. "Thank you, Alfred. John Babbit, you are a condemned man. Your soul is rotten. All who come across you will know just how rotten your soul is," her eyes went white as she began a demonic chant, " Po ou se kounye a ki mouye. Luten ou pèmanan. And so it is done. The smell of rotten fish guts will sink into your skin. Forever!"

Alfred then cut the dingy loose, letting it drift towards whatever fate had in store for John Babbit.

Mister Sunset Coast Contest 1684

Mr. Sunset Coast title patch.

Lawrence Prout was selected by the Navigators community to represent them during the International Master Demonist Contest. The area around the Navigators turf is sometimes referred to as the Sunset Coast by some Navigators of Tapferite origin. The name stuck as a joke, because only the sunrises are visible from the east-facing coastline. The flagellators on the beach call it the Sunset Coast for an entirely different reason: the blood and sand mix together to form a orange-reddish sand. The sand on the title patch, however, is shown pristine white.

The Mister Sunset Coast Contest was held at DD's Dockside Dairy Bar in Swiftside, near the docks and areas reserved for the Swift family. DD's Dockside Dairy Bar has gained some notoriety in Natopian news media as gleefully and willfully serving dairy products made with demonic goat milk to unsuspecting Bovic sailors in port. Only 3 contestants signed up, and one was disqualified for suspected Vanic associations. Lawrence Prout, a full member of the Swifts, won by practical default when the runner-up, a Navigator, appeared on stage for "Darkest Demonic Fantasy Garments" category wearing sweatpants, socks, sandals, and a Live, Laugh, Love t-shirt. The runner-up confronted the judges after the contest, threatening their lives and demanding that they had no idea just how dark and demonic his outfit truly was. After a brief skirmish, the judges subdued the runner-up.

Sky Riots

In the weeks after the controversial Second International Master Demonist Contest, vigilantes from Cliffbase, Gateway, and Gathering Place, along with some members of the Gorillas rode to the Navigators' turf and began to riot. The riot quickly turned into a bloodbath as the vigilantes began to kill the Navigators indiscriminately as they assumed they all supported Sir Sky as their contest winner. The vigilantes did not realize that Sky had cheated his way into winning the local contest as well.

The Navigators' family was decimated, and its turf abandoned.

New Port City

The Council of the Dark Pact desired to have its own port, and not rely on a trade deal with Natopia. So in mid-1698, it was decided that the old dockside facilities that the Navigators had begun to build would be rebuilt to international shipping standards. Whereas before the Family was responsible for building the docks and eventually lost interest and turned to piracy, now the under direct Civic Dominion, the project could be completed quickly and actually be useful. The new port, to be called the Golden Ports to the Waters of the World, or Waters' Port for short, would be directly governed by the dominion, without any local government, essentially a neighborhood exclave of Gathering Place.

Notable Members