Alrodrian Survey and Mining Company

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Alrodrian Survey and Mining Company
Type Public
Industry Exploratory geological research
Founded 1707 AN
Headquarters Rostock, Eastern Natopia

The Alrodrian Survey and Mining Company is a public mining company incorporated in the demesne of Nova Alrodria. It was formed with the purpose of conducting geological research in The Green by taking advantage of the Alrodrians' extensive technical knowledge of mining. The company is notable for employing modified Greivar for expeditions to hostile environments. After several rounds of funding from various interests including SATCo, Dingo Enterprises, the Natopian Defense Force, and others it leased an icebreaker and ice cargo vessel from SATCo in preparation for its first expedition.

Caplona Expedition

A survey expedition was conducted from 1709 to 1710, with the goal of establishing basecamps on the island for future settlement and establishing the infrastructure needed to mine uranium ore and export it. Company surveyors and scouts encountered the New Goetia settlers who had been secretly living there since 1702.


In the spring of 1709, the expedition left the Port of Rostock fully stocked with supplies for a year-long research mission to the antarctic island of Caplona. Aside from a Florian research station, the island was uninhabited. Of the four large antarctic islands, it was also the most remote. Even in unusually warm summers, icebreakers struggled to get through the nearly 660 nautical miles to reach the island's coast. The cost of maintaining mining operations on the island would be offset by the valuable deposits of uranium ore and gemstones known to be under the permafrost. The Natopian Defense Force entered into agreements with the Company, one of which allowed the Company to build two environmental domes based off the New Lindstrom base in exchange for automatic purchasing rights, at market value, to 30% of the raw uranium mined each calendar year. The NDF also agreed to provide sub-orbital seasonal cargo transportation services. A separate agreement was reached with Dingo Exploration Corporation to provide monthly passenger and commercial sub-orbital transportation from its secondary spaceport in Cape Newport, Hazelwood. With these logistics in place, the settlements on Caplona would be sustainable and able to be continually supplied in the winter months.