Dingo Exploration Corporation

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Dingo Exploration Corporation
Type Subsidiary
Industry Space transportation
Founded 1676 AN
Headquarters Crown Point, Neridia, Natopia
Products Services

Dingo Exploration Corporation, doing business as DingoX, is a subsidiary of Dingo Enterprises. It was created in 1676 to provide space transportation services to the general public that were previously only available to the Natopian Spacefleet which provided service for service members, politicians, and VIPs. It uses the Dingo-class orbital shuttle built by Dingo Enterprises.


DingoX operates weekly passenger and commercial space launches out of Angus Spaceport, Cape Newport, and Sårensby, with destinations to the Natopian International Space Station. From the NISS, DingoX has routes to New Lindstrom, Tarsica.

Planned Spacecraft

The Dingo-class shuttles, having been in service for nearly 100 years, are due to be replaced with larger, more efficient spacecraft. The DPX-01 is capable of atmospheric flight and landing, is planned for ground to orbit passenger service and can accommodate up to 150 passengers and a crew of 5. The DCX-02 is planned for cargo routes, is capable of atmospheric flight and landing, and will have a maximum payload of 32,834 kg. The DAL-03 will be a fully automated luxury space communal liner that will ferry passengers and cargo on the days-long trip between NISS and Tarsica.

By 1698, all Dingo-class shuttles in service for DingoX and the Natopian Spacefleet had been upgraded and refitted to extend the service life of the craft by at least 25 years.