Natopian International Space Station

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Natopian International Space Station
Space station.PNG
Agency Natopian Spacefleet
Crew 800+
Launch Prior to 1574 AN
Ground station Neridian Spaceports
Orbital speed 338 km/s
Orbital period 91 minutes
Length 201 m

The Natopian International Space Station (NISS) is a large structure orbiting Micras. It is home to the Natopian Spacefleet Headquarters and Spacefleet Academy. Aside from these Natopian institutions, the station is open to the international community, but limited only to civilian missions from nations of the Raspur Pact and Xäiville Convention. Training symposiums, scientific research requiring specially created environments not available on the ground, and spaceflight training is offered to foreign powers on an open but conditional basis.

While the station is operated by a branch of the Natopian Defense Force, it is treated as international jurisdiction, except in matters pertaining to station security and defence. A section of the station has been reserved for embassies of any nation who request them for coordination of that nations space interests or for a neutral area for diplomatic mediation.

For much of its service life the station was placed in a micrastationary orbit above the equator within a few degrees to the north of Farpoint Space Port, however after the abandonment of that settlement it was shifted onto a new orbital profile that would see it pass over the Neridian Spaceports in Neridia fifteen times in a standard Micras day.