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The Greivar are an artificial race. They were native to the former Natopian colony of Natollonia. Most Greivar live and work in space, with the notable exception of Tinker Sprocket.

Specifications of the chassis used by the Greivar who live and work in space.

KlaasSoft Software Origins

Klaassoft had achieved complete vertical integration of producing and designing personal computers in Natopia. It was no doubt that the contracts for upgrading NISS would come to Klaasiya and Klaassoft in particular.

The developers at Klaassoft had designed and made prototypes for artificial intelligence several years ago but never implemented them in one of the few occasions a regional business matter was halted by the national government. The various components of the project were then used for other endeavors, particularly in the computers of the Natopian navy.

Naval Hardware Origins

The appearance of the Greivars in the former colony of Natollonia has been theorized as a result of the shipwreck of the infamous HSMS The Massive, which suffered a mutiny of Natopian crew against Lavalonian officers during the Veliken War. This ship was believed to have run aground on the coast of the former Antican province of Velike, near modern day Port St Andre. The crewmen were sent home by the Anticans of course and face court marshal as any school child will tell you.

However, the AI component that were broken down into systems for the navy were never actually deactivated. Illegal? Yes. But the only way to create advance tactical programs to learn enemy movements and predict. The Massive, being a new class of battleship at the time, was equipped with these AI disguised as tactical programs.

Spontaneous Sentience

It is believed that, along with a few lost crewmen believed to have fled the wreck to avoid court marshal, these AI programs revealed their sentience to the crewmen, who helped fashion them rudimentary bodies from wreckage upon the AI's instruction. These first beings were the ancestors of the Greivar, rediscovered when Natopia laid claim to sections of the former Velike. They were found to be perfectly suited for mining as without maintenance their programs had degraded and were only capable of simple actions. The new colonists were able to repair them and infuse them with upgrades from Natopia, fortunately already compatible with Klaassoft OS.

The Greivar, so named for the grief of the mutineers lost cause, soon became more and more advanced and specialized, resulting in what walked into the main offices of Klaassoft only 2 days after Tomassyon was sent to reconnect with the Greivar.

Displaced from Natollonia

The Greivar had been displaced following the abandoning of Coppertone, some of them dispersed into the surrounding communities and got odd jobs as computers or laborers, but most of them were rounded up by the Natopian Relocation Commission and sent to Odlum Falls to work in the dams or down to Port St Andre to work in those copper smaller mines or at the seaport that supplied metals to the rest of the dominion in the south.

The Greivars were treated humanely by the colonists, and in the final reduction and dissolution of Natollonia, the land was named Greivary. With the reduction of land, the human colonists felt that the dominion had little interest in this area for anything other than mining and power production and resettled elsewhere. The curious metal men were now the sole residents, working away like clock work, keeping the mines drilling and the turbines turning. They were made of scrap material, old chases, barrels, what they couldn't scavenge they forged in copper from their mine. The were vaguely humanoid, most of them bipedal, shining with copper fittings and asymmetrical plating. Monstrous was the word used by some of the less sensitive colonists at the earlier times of the colony. However, the Greivar were intelligent, perhaps cursed with sentience and trapped in their clunky forms. They had observed and assimilated into Natopian culture, referring to lubrication and fuel as their 'juice' and powerpaks as 'bagel.'