Yellow Island

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Yellow Island shown on a map of Tapfer toponyms

Yellow Island, sometimes known as Tapfer Minor, is a large island in Tapfer in the southern hemisphere of Micras. It was first controlled by Machiavellia and the Union of Rulakian Socialist Republics. Subsequent occupants include Treesia, Baracao, the Collective Unconsciousness, Elpidos, Menelmacar, and Sumara. After Sumara, it was left to The Green until claimed by Natopia in 1471. The majority of the island was known as the Yellow Territory when Menelmacar briefly controlled it. It was named by adherents of the Cult of Yellow, who made the island the heart of their empire (the Collective Unconsciousness) during the Menelmacari Civil War. The Natopians began calling it Yellow Island after the Menelmacari territory. The island plays an important cultural role in the History of Natopia, being the Natopian homeland.


The Vice Mountains are the distinguishing characteristic of the island, containing the tallest peak in Tapfer, Mount Vice. Most of its northern and eastern coastlines are rocky cliffs and fjords.