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Demesnes of Eastern Natopia

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A demesne is a sub-national division of Eastern Natopia. The imperial government, except in extreme circumstances, allows the demesnes to govern themselves within the limits of the Aigoeidis Kodikas. Demesnes are also expected to maintain Demesne Defense Forces to be used for disaster relief, emergency humanitarian actions, maintain public order, enforce the lawful directives of the demesne government and judicial courts, and serve as reserve forces for the Natopian Defense Force. Each demesne is also responsible for electing and/or appointing senators to serve in the Frenzy of the Eastern Bovic Empire.

Other states on Micras with a Natopian cultural tradition use the term "demesne" to describe regional divisions, including Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia. The formerly independent nation of Drak-Modan also used the term. After the Division of the Natopian Empire into eastern and western jurisdictions, demesnes in the East became smaller due to the fact that Eastern Natopia would have only had two demesnes, Flaventia and Klaasiya. Flaventia was split into its four constituent regions (Ziegeland, Tas Neemia, Nova Alrodria, Sororiya); the Universal-majority area of Sororiya was separated; and Klaasiya was also separated into its three states.

Demesnes of Eastern Natopia

Other Territories of Eastern Natopia