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Bulletin of Vista de Nada

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The Bulletin of Vista de Nada is the official government gazette of the Bovic Empire of Natopia, established by the Constitution of Natopia and legislated by laws passed by the Frenzy. It serves as the primary publication for legal and official information from the national and demesnial governments of Natopia. Unlike conventional newspapers, such as The Natopian Bulletin, the Bulletin of Vista de Nada does not provide general news coverage or journalistic articles.

Founding and Purpose

The Bulletin was founded in 1716 AN by an Imperial Decree from Empress Vadoma I. It was created to disseminate major legal and official notices, serving as the "official journal of record" for the newly re-united Natopian nation. The publication is mandated by the Constitution of Natopia and further defined by laws from the Frenzy.

Publication and Management

The Bulletin is published by the Imperial Court of Natopia's Imperial Publishing House, the official publishing house of the Natopian government. The Chancellor of Natopia oversees the management and operation of the Bulletin, ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of its content. Responsibilities may include creating specific offices or appointing staff within the governmental structure to assist in managing and updating the Bulletin.

Current Sections

The Bulletin comprises several distinct sections:

  • The Register of Imperial Assent publishes all Acts of the Frenzy receiving Imperial Assent and legislative notices for the Emperor from the Frenzy.
  • The Honor Rolls of the Empire features letters patent issued by the Emperor, including medals, honors, titles, peerage, and other decorations.
  • The Court Circular of Vista de Nada details schedules and public record scheduling matters for the Imperial Family and key government officials.
  • The Great Bulletin covers miscellaneous notices and announcements, particularly for the demesnial governments of Natopia.


The Bulletin is distributed in various forms, ensuring accessibility to government officials, citizens, and interested parties. It plays a critical role in maintaining transparency and communication within the Empire.

Demesnial Gazettes

Apart from the central Bulletin, each demesne within Natopia publishes its own version, tailored to local governance and administrative needs.


The Bulletin of Vista de Nada represents a cornerstone of Natopian governance. It not only ensures the dissemination of vital legal and governmental information but also symbolizes the unity and organizational structure of the Empire.

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