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Istvanistan is a large island in the Yardistan Archipelago, near the equator of Micras.

Origins and Etymology

Istvanistan existed on the original Series 1.0.0 map, and has always been associated with the Republic of Istvanistan founded by Stjepan Aracic in late 1999. Istvanistan itself was supposedly named after its legendary King Istvan.


Istvanistan is dominated by two large lakes, Crescent Lake and Lake Tibernia. Connecting them, and flowing out to the sea from Tibernia is the Freerun River. Istvanistan also has one small mountain, Mt. Brezuljak. According to old Treesian legends, there is at least one portal to the PRH here as well.


Istvanistan has been occupied by its namesake country all the way until the present day, although this is more of an honorary occupation since it is by no means still active. Around Series Ten, a part of the northwest was broken off and given to Houland.

In 2015 most of the island is now administered as a demesne of Natopia and the Principality of Neridia.